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  1. I feel sorry for the young man that says he's to marry you and take you out and try to get to know you he has missed all the golden years in the golden pictures that you have taken of yourself with someone else then you have to put all that aside and start all over again start over with you like new hey miss lady what's your name my name is whatever you wanted to be and whatever you needed to be how can I help you can we go out to dinner can we go for a walk in the park and sit down and get to know each other can we go and sofas it for a little while Justin just long enough that you could get to know me and I could get to know you by the way do you play basketball what type of sports do you like me myself and fun the boxing I love watching boxing and I Love Actually didn't into the ring myself but I don't no longer participate in that way I don't train I just watch Boxing and be a spectator that is that is my role now as as for me how get me some popcorn sit on the side of the couch and I watch Boxing just as I watch Kobe Bryant play basketball just as I watch Michael Jordan take a 15in jumper and put it in the room just as I sending Dennis Rodman snatch rebounds just as I seen worthy do his thing and Magic do his thing but make no mistake about it Reggie Miller was the man himself pull up and shot your lights out with a 3-pointer that boy was off the chain I can't say any more about his sister because she is off the chain as well but as for me and you it would be nice to be able to have a nice conversation with as intelligent person for a change instead of a computer so you take care of yourself remember keep your computer chips down and keep your lectric raise up that way you won't be ketchup

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