Poopsie Rainbow Surprise fashion dolls DIY Unicorn Slime LOL dolls. This is my evaluate of the Slime Dolls by Poopsie. These remind me of the poopsie unicorn shock dolls and the Poopsie Sparkly Critters due to the slime. We actually LOVE MGA and our favourite product by them is the LOL Surprise OMG trend dolls that are tremendous cute. LOL Surprise is my favourite dolls ever and now that we’ve gotten an opportunity to open the brand new Poopsie Rainbow Surprise trend dolls DIY Unicorn Slime dolls I need to give my sincere evaluate.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise dolls
Poopsie Unicorn Surprise dolls
Poopsie Sparkly Critters
Poopsie sparkly Llama dolls
Poopsie Sparkly Unicorn dolls
LOL shock OMG trend dolls


  1. I think the dolls are really pretty, but too expensive. I think it's good to be honest, I don't know why anyone would be mad. You didn't even say it in a rude way, it was just the truth. It sucks to hear about the ripped skirt and possibility of the tattoo rubbing off.

  2. You were rough and the clothing is waterproof! And I watched your unboxing and you held up the opening really wide. Yeah a child would rip them but they also have smaller fingers. Now the tattoos is a problem. Mine were sticky from the get go! But if you are a poopsie collector, you are use to the slime over activating. Put lotion in the slime.

  3. Wow I have the pink doll with not tattoos and I want one with them but after your review I will hold of buying one more …happy with the pink one … But I just added slime on her skates … 😩

  4. your headbanc looks pretty on you. it's my first time seeing poopsie rainbow surprise fashion dolls. the box is big. the looks nice and colorful. aside from the the skirt i'm sure a lot of girls would like this.


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