Priyanka Chopra’s dress at Grammy awards lately created information and debates on social media. Priyanka Chopra’s mom Madhu Chopra in a latest interplay with media has backed her daughter and stated she will be able to put on what she desires to and that she has an exquisite physique. Watch the video to know extra.

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  1. Everyone who criticises a celebrity isnt a "troll'. If your 'life' is being pushed on people through youtube and instagram people are going to comment on it. Dont appear in public if u cant take criticism. That is not a dress. Stop making excuses for a slutty ensemble. It looks like a bathing robe that came apart. You can show cleavage in a beautiful way. This is just cheap

  2. @zoom,when you see something bad about priyanka chopra then you continuous post about it. But something good you never post that such as morrocco festival, unicef award and her yesterday picture. Intentionally harming someone image is not good thing. Mistake happens in every one life, no need to constantly talk about this . How cheap and disgusting people you are, shame on you.

  3. Indian people log aayege Gyan dene aisa Kyu kapda pehnni h culture bhul gyi Kya ye wo or wohi log American porn dekhte h 😂😂let her live and let her wear whatever she wants if her family is okay with that who are you to say bad things about her ? Live your own lives or get a job.

  4. This host suggests we should get a life? Lady, your entire life goes into gossiping and sucking up to these celebrities and defending them even on their most hideous actions. And we need to get a life? Hmmm…..yeah…very PC like hypocrisy there. Now about PC….there is nothing wrong with that dress. She doesn't have the body or looks anymore to carry that dress off. About trolling her? If you and her mom can't handle the truth, well trolling it is then. You guys can't just expect to show off yourself to the entire world and only expect compliments. Not all of us are getting paid to stick up to her. She looks like a man. She can work on her figure, looks….like other actresses like Deepika, Katrina, Shilpa, Kareena and more do it and then probably can be worth that dress.

  5. Every person especially she is a celebrity, so she has a social commitment to wear a dress which shouldn’t reveal/expose the parts of the body which we are not supposed to do. She should be role model to young generation..


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