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Hi I’m Little Lia, you may simply name me Lia! I add hauls, diy, outfits and extra on this channel!


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  1. Ok the theme was "camp" and "camp" in this situation means weird like extra with the sprinkle of I don't give a f*** so you could say the theme was being extra with a sprinkle of I don't give a f** but very weird and creative that's what camp met in this situation 😂😂😂😂

  2. Y’all girls spend your time looking at her outfits and what she wears but y’all stay looking like a straight pool noodle cardi b looks like a goddess have y’all ever seen statues ? Those who are hating your mom looks like Buggs bunny don’t come for nobody when you look like the big teddy bear from toys story

  3. Little Sniker bar girl you got the nerve to roast my girl cardi okurr you got it messed up with yo frount chip tooth and you old hairy fat pizza delivery boyfriend fix your chip tooth before I make another one chiped.. Good day sniker bar before I crack that sniker bar open. Try my sis Cardi! Wakanda fo eva! With yo ugly plastic body builder lookin self.


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