These are the true life horror tales of low-cost and stingy males that I need to share with you, so you’ll be able to cease and reevaluate the way you’re being handled by males and hopefully cease accepting, the unacceptable remedy. You deserve higher. A high-quality man won’t ever deal with a girl like this. And if you wish to have a better probability of assembly an actual gentleman, you’ll be able to obtain a FREE cheat sheet: the place you’ll discover 210 locations the place you’ll be able to meet high-quality males.

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  1. Hello Anna! Love your channel! What would you recommend if a woman has more money than the guy she wants to date? That’s assuming that the guy id a decent human! 😀

  2. Even if a woman invites a girl friend for dinner, she would be concerned for that friend's comfort n safety. What a cheapskate to ask a woman to take the bus or tube when she's all dressed up. And he has a driver? Outrageous.

  3. Once i met an immature fkboi and i drove him around but he didnt even pay for my trip and didnt even try his best to please me on bed (he didnt even eat pus5y without being asked!) 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I dropped him at the airport and GHOSTED HIM LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  4. There is a big difference between men that are poor and men that are cheap. many people that I know that are wealthy are very cheap. Wealthy people tend to spend money on things that make them look healthy but for things that go unnoticed by the regular person, not so much. Find out how much your friends are paying their help and you can be surprised how cheap they are. All the people that are on my payroll love working for me they are paid well and I treat them like family.

  5. I’m financially well established. I used to go to dates purposely with my Michael Kor or Kate spade bags, because I didn’t want to intimidate the men with my wealth or make them think I’m materialistic. But NOW, I’m going to all dates with my super expensive bags because I want the men to know that they shouldn’t date me if we are not financially compatible. I’m not settling for less.

  6. Watch how a man treats the servers and the on powerful around him because that is eventually how he will treat you if he is rude and cool if he demesnes the wait staff he will eventually not value you and treat you in the same way it does not cost extra money to be polite to a waitstaff or even to bus cruise street musicians or whomever when I saw my husband escort a homeless man out of his mothers shopping center with dignity and take the time and give him a little something even though we were not wealthy ourselves I knew that this is the man who will treat me and our children with kindness no matter what we are going through

  7. My husband is a generous man, he always picks me up, buy me dinner, take care of the kids and more than half of the houseworks, he makes pretty good money, and I have his credit card to buy stuff I like.
    He take me to luxury weekend trip several times a year and one to two oversea nice trip, with luxury restaurant, concert or show reserved.
    On my birthday I received a huge bouquet and he bought the jewelry I like.
    His family give us 20-30k$ for a year he give them all to me.

    I think he is not doing bad and I want him to do better.

    I found out one thing.
    If you look feminine, beautiful with elegant smile, laugh at men's jokes, respect to them, listen to them and you also have your life, all men with you wants to pay for you.
    The key is being feminine.
    Always be feminine.

  8. I would like to get to know how the elegant lady refuses when men proposes sex in first date night or even day? Should I even refuse to kiss him? How will I tell him I'm interested about you and sex comes when I have got insurance this will last longer. I have actually ended up in tears when I have tried to be polite but refuse to go with him to bed.

  9. This is the problem with modern dating. Guys not willing to make an effort. Going with the easy option. As many ladies would be willing to be treated badly, pay for their own dinner and drinks and still sleep with guys thanks to hook up culture. It sets a bad example for everyone else. Cheap guys still get sex!

  10. These rich men treat women with disrespect and in a cheap way because they think of them as cheap women who are probably thrilled by even the fact that he asked them out. They go for a working class woman time to time when they don't want to make an effort and the last thing they expect Miss Plane Jane wanting a taxi when she can use the tube since she is used to public transport anyway.

  11. "A man should be treating you like a treasure". Really? Women sleep around in their teens and twentys then call themselves high value and want men of "value" to pay top dollar to treat you like a treasure. Really what treasure is that? THats like paying new car price for a used car that has had ten or more owners. What exactly do you offer a man of value?, and dont say whats between your legs because most of you have given that up to multiple men for free.

  12. I used to date a man who used to intentionally forget his wallet so I would have to pick up the tab on dates he asked me out to. I don't mind if he honestly forgot but it was the little tests that was so manipulative and disgusting that drove me to end it.

  13. Once I went out with a man on a rainy day and my shoe got totally drenched and torn apart in pieces almost. I asked the guy to stop somewhere where I can buy shoe. Initially he agreed but once we got in the car, he told me no need to buy another. You can manage in this. I was already miles away from my home and could not return. Waited for the next few hours, got back home and never returned. He kept asking me to meet and followed me on insta to let me know he is getting married. I congratulated him and unfollowed as he never seemed like a gentleman. It was so disrespectful but couldn't understand it as I was young. Now at 24 after watching these videos, all these make sense and I stay away from such guys. I didn't ask him to pay, just asked him to let me buy the shoe that he didn't even after seeing the condition of the shoe.

  14. You are amazing , Ann! I wish by your videos women would become smarter and stronger, more wiser and practical. I dream, that one day we – women will run the World 🌍! Thnx you! We all need to know how to treat men

  15. I feel so lucky that my fiancee is nothing like that. He treats me like a princess. He is not rich but an income that is quite good and he always make sure that I know that I don't have to work but I can if I want to. It is completely up to me.

    He is next to me when I'm sick, if I have a bad day he gets me my favorite food to cheer me up, makes sure I always have a really good private health insurance so I never have to worry and make sure I have everything I need. He is really excited and helping out planning our wedding as well 😍 I never even said anything but he noticed that my phone was slow and surprised me with a new one of my choice for my birthday. 😀

    I don't like shopping that much but he makes sure I can buy what I want when I actually go. We have more money than we actually use and save in an account that is in both our names.

    We were best friends for years before we got together, we were really young back then and he was playing around a bit. He didn't try to ask me out because he didn't want to hurt me by not being ready to settle down and would always tell me to never accept being treated badly because I didn't deserve it. When he actually asked me out he moved away from Sweden again (he was just studying at university in my hometown) He got me a flight ticket, made sure to come and wait for me at the airport, prepared my favorite food and even cleaned the entire house so I would feel at home while being there. He even prepared a little basket with chocolate and other things he knew I liked, got extra toothbrushes in case I forgot to bring one and so on 😍

    I love him and I love to take care of him and make sure our home is cosy and comfortable. 😄

    I lost some friends because they frown upon being dependent financially on a man but we look at it like we are a team and not everything that needs to be done comes with a salary but that doesn't mean that it is worth less.

    Moved away from Sweden by now and we get married in a couple of months. 😀 it is about 8 years since we became friends.

  16. I was on a date last year. When we were going to pay, I politely asked him what do we do, as he pulled out his card (it's kinda hard to tell if the man is going to pay or not in Denmark, but he had asked me out) however he said "You can just send me the money ".

    Then he gave me the menu to calculate how much I owed him 😂😂 The waitresses gave me the look of "Omg, I'm so sorry he's doing that to you". I send him the money and smiled, and knew I would never want to see him again, but at least he drove me home 😅.
    And for this attitude I can guarantee that a lot of Danish men will pull out "what happened to equality".
    They have completely misunderstood that concept. Look at animals, often the male work hard to impress and get the female, it's in our genes (in my opinion).

    All foreign guys that asked me out have already been miles ahead of me to pay, and if I asked if I should pay, I have always gotten a "that's not an option, lady" 😅.

    The Danish guy before him, asked me out for a drink. He went to buy himself a drink, not for me. Omg.. I ordered too, and the bartender asked the guy if we were paying together. He said, completely surprised "uh, oh.. Uhm uhm we can do that" he didn't intend to at all, but didn't want to lose face infront of the bartender. lol.

    Even the bartender knew how to act as a man.

    The Danish guy before that asked me out, he payed the beer. Then he sat a long time, not buying a second one so I asked if I was paying, becasue I can't stand that awkwardness and he said no, I didn't have to, but If I insisted. But at that time I couldent say no, when he said that. Okay maybe my own fault. We had other beers, he payed, we went other places, he payed. The last place he asked "are you paying" omg, I said "no!" he payed. Later he followed me to the station to wait for my train. It came 3 hours later. I couldn't afford a taxi at the time and it was so cold. He asked "why don't you just take a taxi home" I told im becasue I can't afford it. He said "I can afford it" then he said nothing and let me wait 3 hours with him freezing to death. He didn't even warm me. And it was not on purpose that I lost the last train and had to wait 3 hours… The next day he asked if I wanted to date him. Lol. No thanks…

    I'm not saying that all Danish men are this way. Alot of them are also men that does pay for a woman, I just don't run into them 😂 and I feel it's like 50/50 if he is a gentleman or not, when I meet a Danish guy. So I'm not very interested in Danish men at all. I'm hardly even attracted to them anymire, eventhough I myself is Danish.

    The problem could also be that women here insist on paying also, not everyone is old fachoned, and that's horrible 😂 But even if a woman asks to pay, at leat the guy should insist, and let the woman know he intended to pay.
    I stopped dating now, my womanhood couldn't take it any more. I can't stand it when a guy labels this stuff as being cheap as a woman. Lol. How idiotic to think in those terms, if a woman expect a guy to pay. Some men er just not capable of being men.

  17. It's also goes for males members of family, my brother sent me a text to pick up my mum ashes at the train station, instead of bringing the ashes to which I oblige, which I was sick of treated like trash , which I cut ties, ladies you demanded respect regardless if its your partner or family

  18. This question is off topic, but I wanna ask all the affluent ladies out there to help me with a decision. Im saving money for gradschool because Im about to graduate in the fall, so I'm not really trying to spend money on my looks at the moment but today I saw a couple pics of me and noticed that my roots were showing and my ends look a little dry. (I have dark brown hair and dye it light brown) Should I color my hair and get a hair cut even I though I don't really need it? Or do I? It would cost around $140 plus tip. I'm single and not really dating and I only work at a coffee shop part time. The rest of my time I spend it at school looking like a bum lol help!

  19. That’s me, oh boy, I asked my X boyfriend for a salad instead of the 5 JUMBO pizzas He was buying for his family,and asked for extra dressing. When I got my salad only one salad dressing packet included. When I asked about the other packet, in front of his whole family he exclaimed, that the pizza place was going to charge him an extra 50 cents!!!!!!! It still took me another month to leave him. I so appreciate your channel it reminds me to value myself, which I haven’t! Thank you for putting me on the right track!

  20. My boyfriend is SUCH a gentleman. Average guy, we're not talking about super rich here but he always pay attention in the details, thing that even I could imagine. In the end of the day, I prefer to eat mc donald's with him than eating in a expensive restaurant with someone without manners.

  21. Thank you Anna
    You’re the first women to give me this advice
    I’ve always been told to offer split often times
    Which I’ve done thus far
    But going forward, I am going to do this approach
    It would be empowering for me because if a man doesn’t want to pay for me, then I won’t date him, and I can pay for myself , and eventually find someone who values my love and me so much he wants to take care of me

  22. lol you ladies want want want yet you give nothing! I blame your parents for letting you think your a princess. Have some self respect ladies.

  23. I went out on a couple of dates with a guy, i noticed right way that he was stingy, i told myself to be patiance, maybe he fell on hard times, he got me a gift later on, it turned out to be a cheap brown dress and earrings from China, that i should thank him by wearing them on our next date, i immediately blocked him, i am at the age where i am not going to like some thing when i dont.

  24. What if your husband was not cheap at all before your marriage (buying LV and bottega venetta bags, hermes bracelets, expensive things in general )but after marriage became cheap and extremely selfish (i.e. ordering food without asking me if I want something, turning off the tv 15 times/ or wifi/ or taking the remote with him because he's mad at me and doesnt want me to watch from HIS tv, not letting me shower with warm water, or saying things like "you don't pay anything in this house (even though I buy food and cook and clean while I also work), I can do whatever I want, it's my house, and if you dont like it , leave" and stuff like that..)??? Should i be the bigger person and just ignore the fact that he is mistreating me and bullying me just because we had several arguments the past month, or should i leave for good? It is really painful and heartbreaking to be treated like actual garbage, especially when you get married at 25

  25. I know that as a middle class woman i will never find an affluent not stingy narcissist who will love me and respect me cause you cant have it all.I cant even find a guy who is rich let alone being nice. ..

  26. I was married to one for 23 years, a horrible life experience trust me, he left me for a richer woman. Yes, I learned it well
    that cheap men have no concern for their woman.

  27. I met my friend last year in June and iam thankfull that he is just opposite to what is mentioned in this video as stingy cheap and low level… He is super caring, empath, soft spoken, high class and I don't mind him being not so filthy rich.

  28. When I was 18 (but mentally 13 coz i knew nothing about dating) I met a man who, now I think was stingy cheap and worst to be with…. This video brought back all the bad memories. Thankfully he left the city after 2 months. And all ended. He was narcissistic while iam an empath. Toxic combination.

  29. No contact from him for a month after he dumped me by email three days after we got back from a one week trip together in Barbados that he paid for entirely but he didn’t need to pay for the hotel and meals as it was all included and knows the owner of the hotel. He wrote that he came to the conclusion that we are not an ideal match with no specific reason. He considered it more as a friendship.
    We were never in love. He actually asked me ‘ do you want me to say that I love you’ ? I replied ‘ are you 🤬crazy.
    He also wrote that he was pissed that I didn’t offer to pay for anything however I did but him a $300 gift certificate for the spa to show my appreciation. He added that was not the sole reason for the breakup as he wrote that his 16 year old daughter needs him and she’s definitely the third party🤬. She’s very complex and needy and my gut tells me that she has a lot to do with the breakup by manipulating the situation and he wrote that his daughter told him that I gave her a bad vibe and he always goes with what she says. I only saw her a few times and one night she freaked out when I was there, sitting in front of us and basically wanting me to leave. He also added that she wouldn’t have given me a hug before bedtime if she didn’t like me. He also wrote another reason was because of his horrific breakup with his ex 7 years ago as they were together for 20 years. She left him for another man, got back together then she left him a second time. He also wants to be friends in the future and I never responded to his email. He did send me a random text of a YouTube video early the next morning regarding a book on negotiation I showed him that I bought. Don’t understand why. We dated for 4 months and had a great connection and I was never clingy or needy, I’m very independent but I did put a bit of pressure on him during our vacation wanting to be more or of a couple and do things together which I think put pressure on him and that was my intention as I expressed this the wrong way. He is 21 years older than me and lives a few minutes away from me. I will not contact him as I never chase. So disappointed 😔. In retrospect, I think he was playing me like a violin 🎻 the entire time. Telling me what I wanted to hear. I’m 46 and he is 67. I should have known better. Lesson learned.


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