How we researched and recreated Queen Victoria’s Clothes, hair and jewelry as seen in an illustration of Christmas 1848. Liv Free, Nic Loven and Pauline Loven go to Normanby Hall in North Lincolnshire to look at an unique robe of the interval.

Narrated by Liv Free

Special due to:
Madeleine Gray, Collections Assistant at Normanby Hall


  1. Thank you for such thorough research. And I just love the wedding dress you showed with the Bertha. I am currently making a dress similar to that and I was wondering if the birth it was completely attached to the gown. Now I know that not all Berthas were stitched to the gown.

  2. Hello again Guys at Crow’sEyeProductions. I have a Question about Victorian Era Dresses and it’s this: What’s the difference between a Hoop Skirt and a normal (Not an Elliptical Steel Cage) Crinoline Steel Cage? Also which one is bigger: a Hoop Skirt or a normal Steel Cage (Not an Elliptical Steel Cage) for a Crinoline Dress. Furthermore, what’s the difference between an Elliptical Steel Cage for a Crinoline Dress and a normal (Not an Elliptical Steel Cage) Steel Cage for a Crinoline Dress? as well as what’s bigger an Elliptical Steel Cage or a normal Steel Cage? That’s all the questions I have and I be really grateful if you could try and answer them!

  3. I really enjoy these videos showing your research and progress! I find it rather fascinating to see the extant garments compared to your interpretation.

  4. I admire your work fondly your attention to the smallest detail and your perfection is a work of art that I wish if can be instad of the model good job and keep up the hard work.


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