Bounty hunter, Arthur Morgan, travels north in the direction of Ambarino and into the snowy Grizzlies West mountains, monitoring down the lethal gunslinger, Flaco Hernandez. Leader of The Del Lobo Gang… Epic, cinematic fashion.

Directed, filmed and edited by me.
Thanks to Rockstar Games and everybody concerned as ordinary for making a murals.

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1) Metaphysik by Kevin MacLeod is licensed below a Creative Commons Attribution license (

2) Lost in The Forest – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

3) Allegations of Investigations – Jesse Gallagher

4)Sonos – Lish Grooves



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  1. Dude, you have destroyed your limits on this one. You represents a very introvert Arthur, you know, if he was a lone wolf like John Marston. Keep it up.. I truly wish you the best.

  2. Love all of the directing and camera work you've done but I gotta be honest and say the color grading you've done in post went a little overboard. The whites look overcooked from whatever you've done with the curves, just try to dial back on the highlights a little bit.

  3. I felt it was a bit too slow, and I personally feel the brightness and calmness in the mountains didn't do too much for the overall atmosphere. Otherwise, the fighting was great, and I'm excited for the future!

  4. i’m not one to really comment on videos but i just have to on this one. quality content bro, very impressed. i actually haven’t played red dead 2 in a few weeks, but this makes we want to jump back in. keep up the great work! o7

  5. Honestly dude I wish there were more gaming channels like this. We have stealthgamingBR and a few more but they are slowly declining. God I can't get enough of this stuff, especially when you utilize the kill cam. Cudose to you bro this shit is my weakness

  6. you could possibly try doing a stagecoach heist or bank robbery in this same style. love the videos! your potential is unlimited, great shots.

  7. Hey been watching your vids and this one has earned you an extra sub well done my friend very impressive stuff. I am trying to start up a gaming channel myself and it’s great to see people like you making it, keep it up mate

  8. Amazing job. I loved what you've done, especially the first scenes! I imagine what you could do if you could control the camera and Arthur anyway you want.

  9. i watched this again today on my 4k television and i am really shocked at the amount of detail you can spot on more viewings, feels like a good film that you have to go back and watch again to really take in the beauty – thx


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