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Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.05 All data (rdr2 Update 1.05)

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Also consists of purple lifeless redemption 2 Online – purple lifeless Update 1.05 adjustments

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  1. I am boycotting Rockstar Games from now on. This is fucking disgusting. I'm going to buy this game next year second hands for as little money as possible. I'm going to play the singleplayer and then sell the game. Just like I did with GTA V when it came out. Fuck this pay-to-win moneygrabbing whore business model.

  2. So no content, absolutely nothing to spend money on cuz weapons arent even better than others. But they add the transactions( im not calling it micro transaction if the minimum is 10 dollars. Thats insane) i already quit a week ago, now im sure im not coming back

  3. lol people are annoyed about microtransactions even though everyone knew they were coming… get over it, if you don't want to pay for anything…ummmm maybe dont!!

  4. Still no damn option to sell duplicate weapons, tried getting rid of one by having an alligator yank my duplicate Lancaster rifle, finally got it to take it and ran back to my horse and the damn thing magically reappeared. Its fucking annoying.

  5. Why ride around randomly killing people who’re are trying to progress properly? GONNA TIE YOU UP AND LAY YOU ON THE TRAIN TRACKS MOTHER F……..

  6. Basically it is not pay to win and it also very similar to the recent update in gta online (arena war) which you can buy early (the locked upgrade) but it will cost more, in other case you can unlock it (the upgrade) after reaching certain tier (or rank in RDO) to make it more cheaper (about half the price when it's still locked) . And i understand many players dont have time or doesnt like grinding or dont have anyone to play with .. The simple tips is try to find someone to play and keep grinding with them until you've unlocked the items you needed, End of story. (if you dont like it maybe it is not meant to be played for you or other players who's dont like grinding and also i know it's just a game and i dont mean anything serious about it) so back to you dont like it so dont played it, simple)

  7. In my opinion it’s a really bad decision made by Rockstar to add goldbars as microtransactions when the game is still in beta. I don’t like it, and it seems like literally nobody else does.
    Also looking at how awful the economy was – and still is, in my opinion. They literally nerfed all the ways to make a good amount of money without grinding for hours.

    From here on out I feel like Rockstar needs to tread carefully, unless they want people to quit or make the online mode really unpopular. The single-player campaign got praised so highly, don’t fuck this up Rockstar Games!

  8. Its like no one sees what rockstar does. Release a barebones online mode with nothing to do but grind, Nerf said grind early on to encourage players with microtransactions while releasing little content here and there throughout. I get a lot of people's complaints but you have to realize rockstar isn't your friend or a smaller dev team like DE( who put a timer on how much if their games microtransaction you can buy) rockstar views us as a consumer and cares little for us outside of that, they think they can do the same shit theyve done with GTAO but heres the thing. Red dead's fanbase is a lot smaller snd arguably smarter than GTA's because of what they're doing player joy with the game wains more and more by the day meaning its quite possible they'll just drop this games online entirely. But that's worse case scenario although at this point seems preferable. At best they'll make rdro almost as good as what GTAO has become. GTAO is shit but its gone from shit spewed by a dying skunk to a nice diamond and jewel incrusted turd


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