The Vigilante outfit is predicated on a personality from the extremely rated recreation Overwatch by Blizzard. The character’s title is McCree and he’s utilizing the Mystery Man Legendary Skin. I attempted to get the look as shut as i can to McCree’s Mystery Man Skin minus the Poncho. Too dangerous that Rockstar didn’t add Ponchos in single participant 🙁

This video will present you on learn how to gown up Arthur as a Vigilante. You should receive a couple of objects by looking and doing the bandit problem (solely as much as problem 7) Watch the video for a fast and full information to get all the mandatory objects to be a kick-ass Vigilante in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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  1. Okay right now I bought the shirt but for some reason whenever I try to equip it it always shows the sleeves rolled up instead of rolled down is there a gameplay purpose to that or is that just the way it is until later

  2. The only thing I do is for me especially for my good, character I just do the pelts and everything except I would entirely skip the need for the holster and just buy the clothes

  3. Okay cool now I totally need to make that for my evil Arthur cuz I made one playthrough completely where he's at semi good guy like you does things to get positive Karma and so for my negative, I'm totally going to use this one

  4. Wow looking back at this very helpful video seemed so long. Before I had no idea you existed. But when this video came out I felt like your work needs to be show and appreciated by the audience. Now with 4,000 subs and still active, it’s hard to believe you weren’t that well know before this video. Since you still make content before this.

  5. For some reason the stand-collar overshirt always has the sleeves rolled up in my game. Is there any way to change that or will it just stay stuck like that?

  6. Complete the story mode and get cheat codes and do all these challenges and bring ur honor up but who plays single player storymode once u complete now since there Is online Cuz I sure still do😂😂


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