Pinkness explosion!! Yaaasss! Somehow, I really feel like this doll encapsulates the hyper, over-the-top, girly aspect of myself. Almost like she’s my persona or one thing.

Doll Clothes patterns right here:

new to customizing? Start right here!

Electric drill and small drill bits
Jeweler’s noticed
Jewelry wire or discovered wire
Wooden skewer
Tiny rubber band (dental rubber bands work nice)
Yarn – 100% Acrylic
Plastic beads, fake pearls
Water Colored Pencils – Faber Castell
Pastels – Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (put on a masks and spray in a ventilated space!)
Acrylic Paints – Liquitex
Liquitex High Gloss Varnish
Kneaded eraser
Pearl-Ex Powders (mica pigments)

Mentioned in video:


Musical tracks (each free and bought) from…


  1. Is it just me or dose the binging of the back round music sound like a Pastel version of “the music of the night” from phantom of the opera?

    You don’t have to like I just wanted to make this comment

  2. Urgh, I'm trying your join technique to reconect monster high legs… but even my tiniest rubber bands are too large… or my hooks are too big? Its so hard to find the right size and loop it correctly ;_; but I'll do it! Thanks for sharing how you work on things <3

  3. You should definitely do your favorite Category Dolls…….

    Sweets themed Dolls definitely 😄🍧🍨🍫🍬🍭🍩🍪🎂🍰🥧🍦🍯

  4. this gave me an idea,how about a series of dolls color based,much like this one? Like one would be different shades of say red,scarlet,and blood red,something like that.


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