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completely happy coachella season! lol. gonna be sincere right here, a giant purpose I am going to coachella is for the style, so I put a variety of effort into my outfits for Coachella 2019 this yr. on this video I’m opening up the desk for you guys to roast the outfits, go away your Ideas beneath, critique them, and let me know what you’d’ve performed totally different. Enjoy
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Why People Hate Coachella however Still Go

pranking folks in public with disturbing nails:…
making awkward conditions at drive through’s:

dressing like an Insta baddie in pennsylvania:…

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should you made it this far and also you’re studying this, HEY HELLO. let’s have our personal inside joke & remark down beneath “neon safari” lmao. If you watched the entire video you may know what this implies.


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-niki demar

Nova Oasis


  1. I love ur day 2 outfit but if I wore it I would look like s*** day 3 it was ok but not the best and not trying to be a hater but u kinda looked like a…highlighter just a joke no hating 😅😂

  2. The first outfit was so cute except the photo with your legs open I thought you added a big white box in post lmao

  3. Outfit 1 = 9 out of 10 Outfit 2= 3 out of 10 Outfit 3 = 1 out of 10

    Outfit 1 looked so good

    Outfit 2 looked ish like okay I guess

    Outfit 3 NEVER DO THAT. AGAIN You look like a traffic cone Jesus Christ

  4. Day 1: Barney and Nikki mangi had a baby 😶
    Day 2: Kylie and a fire pit had a baby too 😖
    Day 3: Danm you look like a highliter sis….
    No h8 ily ✨ but why naked?

  5. Day one-Why is niki wearing a swimsuit and a jean jacket?7/10
    Day two-why are you wearing that I’m sorry it doesn’t suit you.3/10
    Day three- ok I liked it but just why the backpack?6/10
    My fav was Day one no hate:) luv u niki💙

  6. i love the purple outfit but cmon you’re telling me that thigh rub isn’t killing you. I know you have to walk a ton. Second outfit, hated it it. I hate the biker short thing. I don’t like the shoes with this. Def my least favorite. Day three- LOVE THE HAIR, could have used more Niki Funk

  7. I like Dave degrees outfit I just went where the shorts with it because I feel like the shorts that for a whole nother outfit like a Nikki's that's a yellow swim suit leotards with the green shorts or with the neon green shorts or some neon yellow shorts you know or like a yellow Leo or leotard and some neon green and white Nikes

  8. I don't really like day to self it because I feel like I would cover up my top are my chest area more because I don't want anything popping out and it looks like a bodysuit and I'm not really into bodysuits like that and I don't like fanny packs but that's your style used you stick with it if you like it Go On lyrics can't nobody tell you what you wearing and how to weigh yourself and Highway your clothes nobody can tell you how to wear your clothes you can wear your clothes the way you want to wear them you're grown you have money you're buying it not them as long as you forgotten that off

  9. I like the one I just wouldn't wear the bottoms that you want with it over like some purple a purple skirts and purple jeans purple pants I wouldn't where are the bottoms that you are I would just wait like some purple jeans or purple skirts with shorts because I'm not trying to make fun of you you don't get me wrong you do look good in it but I don't think I would look if I could find a top like that I would wear that top but don't get me wrong you do look good in that outfit and I'm so late since I wouldn't have anything to cover up my my but I wouldn't wear it as much since it's like it's like a bikini sort of always and white shorts because that just looks like it fits with that and it wouldn't fit with me like that


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