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  1. Black women don't want to be held accountable is due to her selfish pride. She has been told for so long that she does nothing wrong by other idiotic black women and simps.

  2. Here’s how the typical BW apologizes, “I’m sorry you felt like that”. Not, “I’m sorry for doing or saying……” It’s always a man’s fault for how he thinks or feels about her disrespectful mouth or actions. There is always an underlying contempt for you that she will always make sure you’re never right about anything.

  3. Yes, yet it is the black man authority to correct such error. When a black man lay with a woman for sexual gratification, unknowingly understands the laws governed by, at what point does he understand his actions. Rather accepted or not most issues in America, in the black community, are the result. Promiscuous men with promiscuous confused or recently raped victims for a nut. The objective is sex, if not, at the age of 21 what is it? We are playing games, and our young men are at the discretion of pedophilia white men, lesbian and feministic black women, and black men whom like to talk.

  4. Remember Lucifer was made perfect he had no reason to rebel against God he chose to be the devil he grew weary of being second fiddle and so is the Black woman in America she chooses to betray black men for no good reason you can't Change that she has sealt her fate

  5. Best policy is to show her u are a no nonsense type of guy by implementing the ghost policy.
    This is the most effective policy that u can implement.
    Now it does takes maturity you have to graduate to the level of doing this ,this is not for the 15 to 35 yr old guys.
    you have to understand that a woman does not begin to mature until the age of 45 she's all about playing games when she comes in the presence of a man that does not play games she will try to play games and he will ghost her never to be seen or dealt with again and the only thing she will have to do is resort to her MO.
    Her MO for the most part if I'm lying just to get this to tistics leads her to being either by herself or just a jump off never to have been married in her thirties in twenties and even now 40s,
    Now if she can have kids she will have about three kids two different guys by this time and by the time she's 45 she will start to mature and by that time you will not even want to deal with her anyway remember guys after all you going through the juice is not worth the squeeze.
    Don't take my word for it see that I'm not lying 🤔

  6. You got to show her how strong you are because me and all the stronger of the two sexes the ultimate way of showing her is by ghosting her delete the number don't answer any phone calls from her and don't ever come around her again I promise you even if you happen to slip up and meet by accident at the same mall or whatever just casually walk by without speaking this is the ultimate form of strength she will have to respect you and you for that matter will not want to deal with her anyway, ha ha ha ha ha.
    Remember every woman has a certain MO that they cannot change and will not change once you know her Mo you know what she's going to do and that's what she's always been doing especially if she's over 30. Trust me on this one there are countless numerous women independent and what a man but do not deserve a man they are getting what they deserve and that is the cock carousel and for the most part they are cool with that but when you do try to make her into a wife knowing that she's not at wife that joke is on you the only hope is that you wake up and remove yourself from being around her.

  7. Ha ha ha ha all u got to do is ghost the chick.
    She will have nothing more to do but try her cuckold game on the next dude. She will try to call u but will soon get the picture that u are no longer interested in her bullshit, this is how you get her respect, and I know she will do is Hop on the cock carousel which she never jumped off. Haha ha ha ha 🤔
    Y'all better recognize out here

  8. Todays society is backwards all around . R.Kelly was these girls family's cash cow for all these years. The public is being lied to like always Propaganda machine working overtime …

  9. URGENT!!!!!!
    Be careful of the Pigpen copyright! It is the property of the Charlie Brown Franchise, Sir!

    My Dad asked me to tell you this based on something you wanted to put on a shirt.

  10. Man , you check out this tuber called sunshine in the city? She's another swirling promoting Black Woman and her followers are just as polluted but Black Women love and respect Black Men? Where are the Black Women calling these tactics out if they love and value their men? According to those and the're like , they despise the so called Black Man and just love any and all other men , EXCEPT BLACK MEN. Protect you're necks Black Man. Watch you're step. No promotion here just stumbled on her and became sick to my stomach witnessing such vitriol.

  11. Everytime i try to look at one of your videos you talkin about black women. Damn bro who hurt you? Who hurt you to the point where you get up in the morning do a stream on black women all day and then do another one the same day. Thats what men do now? You trying to get your followers up that bad smh you and cyn g and other black utubers can got away this this black men vs black women trash shit.

  12. There was this chick in high school I had interest in but something was funny about her and so I backed off. I ran into her back in 2010. We talked on the phone and one day after laying down the law on her ass she said “I can’t disagree with anything you said. Everything you said is right. But it’s the way you say it.” I said, “I said it’s interesting: you black women are so used to seeing black men weak, docile, malleable, pliable, etc. that when you hear one speaks with authority it sounds controversial. When you hear Malcolm speak does he sound docile to you? Isn’t Malcolm celebrated for his straightforwardness? Isn’t he celebrated for his uncompromising stance?” I later found out she had gotten pregnant in high school and given up her kid for adoption. I actually went over her house for Thanksgiving in tenth grade and met her dad and other family members. The fact her dad let her not only have a kid out of wedlock in high school, but let her give it up for adoption let me know her dad was a pussy. If it was me I would have kicked her dumb ass out. But the fact he didn’t allowed her to feel she didn’t have to come under the authority of men and the way I talked was foreign to her. A woman’s husband should be an extension of her father. I would have beat his ass if he would have given an unruly daughter to me.

  13. I prefer to marry a black woman but i cant compare them to my feminine 80yr old black grandma who still married. They lack all the traits. Im blessed to have the reflection of black marriage from my grandparents but unfortunately due to my travels it seems like sistas overseas just carry those traditional values of my grandma. Its like a needle in a haystack to find a feminine young sista today in america options very low. I never thought ill have to go overseas to get these traits in a young woman…… Maybe im just a old soul… I agree with oldschool generations on relationships etc i dont think older generations really know how sick it is for us younger folks because we the ones gotta experience all this BS in our generation wisdom is a blessing but its like im a old man trapped in a young mans body my generation just dont get it i honestly think its a wrap for us here…..

  14. They don't think they do ANYTHING wrong because they don't think white women do anything wrong, or at least anything to be called out on. That's why when they are called out on their behavior, they are quick to say, "white women do it too".

  15. The issues you talk about are TRUE and they don't want to change. What's wrong about true facts? You're not wrong for stating the facts. So there's no problem with what you talk about.

  16. I've mentioned this in other previous videos. I don't know why some bw never apologize or admit when they're wrong! It's a spirit of pride! Just apologize for God sake!!!


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