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In this video I share my outfit of the day and a high that I made.

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  1. Both pieces are nice! What a good idea to wear the top over a camisole/bodysuit especially when you don't want to show the stomach area. The handkerchief hemmed dress is adorable. Do you think that you will go back and add the zipper?

  2. I love the top!! It’s very cute,
    BUT FIRST OF ALL!, wow I didn’t know that about the apple products I also just found out that if you hold the space bar when typing you can move the “curser” anywhere instead of tapping on the word. Apple is awesome lol the dress is very pretty as well 👌🏽

  3. Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I love the mustardy color of your dress and the dress is so pretty on you too! Your top is so cute and I love the way you paired it with your tank! When I first looked at it, it looked like a “color blocked“ cold shoulder top! I love them both! And thanks for the great tip on the calculator App I didn’t know that!

  4. Love your makes! Very nice fabric for both. I really love your Love Shares, I didn't know that about the phone and the one about Time Magazine, thanks for the info!


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