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  1. Man you Just got canceled for talking about our woman like that! You're the problem! This is a thot! She is not the model of standard for all black woman, she is not the standaard! why you want to tell the internet that! You do what White people do, take one of us and set them as an exampel for all of us bringing us down! You're doing the work for the White man denagrating our black woman like that! Why you don't focus on the good ones the ones that are building! You're a brainwached selfhating disgrace! Comming from a black man! I love all black ladies who do right! #canceld

  2. The sad thing is that no one thought they needed to teach them ,how to be a lady or how to talk to people period. The sad thing is her momma ,never showed her how to treat anybody. No everyone does this but woman that are older , we truely appalled by this behavior . Has she no family period? Grandmother , Aunts or Great Aunts that love and care for her ? Forget momma or daddy , you have to really love someone to tell them the truth about themself. Peolpe like this live fast and die young never to grow up or watch their children grow up, that is why people were in your life to guide you . People were the ones raising you , in your community that was the village raising you because it took all that. Today nobody says a thing because the kid will repeat , what they heard their momma say, shut the F up nobody asked you for your opinion. This is the problem in our community and you hi-lighting their bad behavior does nothing to stop it , so do something productive besides run your mouth . Put into a community to stop it , just running your mouth does nothing for the situation. Just running to the other side is not the answer really.

  3. Some black women must of broke your dumb ass heart what color is your mom and family wow you sounds so stupid not all black women sounds or acts like this go find yourself

  4. I have known some black women who are highly educated and act so until there is a certain element around then they go straight to hood rat. They will atract a certain type of man acting that way. Serves them right.

  5. No your a sad black man who hates and who's this embarrassed of your black. But have you addressed the whore in your mamma and the unworthy Nigga your daddy is? Because if there alive.. my question would be why are you?

  6. You can tell he's a broken individual when all that comes out his mouth is negative towards all women all women are not like that female let's not get it twisted. If that's what you want to do is date outside your race that's on you but there's consequences behind that so don't come back crying like a b** when s*** don't go right

  7. There's nothing wrong if a woman raped a man if they the man allowed themselves to get hard thats not rape .If a woman does it it's ok just not to family .This woman here is just one of those dominate type girls thats all i don't understand why this man is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill


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