President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his monetary plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.

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  1. I see a lot of bots in the comments. You can tell because they will defend TrumpleOrangeSkin with no regard to logic, and cite numbers without evidence. You can also tell because they lack avatars and their names are like "real american" or "bigboy40cal".

    Wonder how many times he had to suck Putin off to pay for them all.

  2. Trevor, you just had to use the N word didn't you? You know how insulting that is coming from you, oh wait, you too may have Neanderthal genes, having European blood cursing through your veins! HaHa

  3. If the shutdown continues they will eventually have to go to a temp agency and hire most illegals cheaper and might do a better job its funny but true .Whats up with most Americans not saving if you get paid more than 20hr you should have a little stash I understand but at the same time you never know .

  4. that ugly and old sow Pelosi won't let President Trump's state of the union address in the PEOPLE'S House and which is not her House, BFD, until Woody "God-only-had-ten" Wilson did a grandstanding move that became tradition, presidents wrote letters with the state of the union message…… SPOILER ALERT: The 12th amendment says President Trump won, period, end of story! And, I don't like it when those people try to disenfranchise me, 62million of us are waiting for 2020 and it's getting here sooner not later!


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