SIZE 14/16 WINTER outfit Ideas | casual winter style 2018

Allegra’s video –

Cary’s video –

Block heel boots –
Block heel sq. toe present – (precise match to me)
Statement belt –
Light gray jumper –
Wide common denims –
Red puffer jacket –
Tartan scarf –
White chunky trainers – (precise match to me)
Calvin jumper –
Brown teddy jacket –
Leather look denims –
Red denim jacket –


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FAQ’s –

Where are you from? newcastle, North East of England.
What is your accent? Geordie.
What digital camera do you employ? Sony A5000 –
What lighting do you employ? Ring gentle –
When did you begin YouTube? I began 2016 nevertheless solely uploaded Three movies I actually began my channel in January 2017
How outdated are you? 22, birthday is 30th June.
What do you edit with? IMovie on my Macbook
What’s flawed along with your mouth? NOTHING. I make bizarre faces, recover from it.
How lengthy have you ever been with Sean? 6 Years
Favourite outlets? Poundland & Primark.
Favourite color? Red and yellow.
Do you drive? Yes, I handed my take a look at round Three years in the past, nevertheless it did take me 5 makes an attempt to move haha!

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  1. Like everyone else has commented, I admire your confidence. There are so many trolls on the internet that can you make you feel rubbish! You have an amazing figure and look so good! I'm a 12, and have big boobs (I didn't think they were big until I got unwanted male attention), seeing how confident you are make a me think…. EMBRACE IT!

  2. You’re so relatable and I think that’s why I enjoy your vids so much, absolutely loved this and your confidence in yourself is amazing you’re sending out such a positive message especially to your younger viewers ❤️ keep being you xxx

  3. you inspire me so much! i am a big build person i got no self esteem or confidence, mainly down to my family, they always say s**t too me about my weight, but you inspire me so much to just be confident in my own body and not care about anyone elses opinion, you are so pretty! i love watching your videos!! xx

  4. I've recently had a baby, I'm usually a size 12/14 and am currently a size 16. Feel like I've lost my sense of style a bit and am so uncomfortable with myself.. i admire your confidence so much! Thanks for the inspiration. Xx

  5. You are so inspiring, because of you i feel confident in my body and I wear clothes that I never would have worn before and feel confident in them, I’m Australian size 14 and like you I used to be thinner, only 18 months ago I was a size 8 and I feel more confident now than I did when I was skinny because of you 💕💕💕

  6. If I saw u walk past in these outfits in the street I wld probably chase u to find out where u got everything from they’re SO CUTE 💓

  7. Your bedroom looks amazinggggg and something about you in the last while is very inspiring. A great role model for women💚 The red trousers are so flattering, you have all the good things going on🌹💚💙🌠

  8. Demi I literally love you hun xxx and your channel. Been watching you for weeks and think you’re amazing!!!! Much love hun xx

  9. Love this! So nice to see someone with the same kind of body type as me! I always look so negatively about myself and how I look. However, all through this I thought you look amazing! Xx


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