Different sizes strive on fashion Nova! Whose will match? Whose will not? Whose will look insane as a result of, properly, it is fashion Nova?

Size 4 & Size 12 Try On the Same outfits from Fashion Nova with my pal Sierra Schultzzie.

Watch Our ShowPo collab over on Sierra’s Channel:

Watch Sierra’s Previous Fashion Nova Try-On:


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casual Lover Top :
Casual Lover Collared Stripe Top – Black/Combo

Bring It Down Flare Jeans: https://www.fashionnova.com/products/bring-it-down-flare-jeans-medium-blue-wash

Cozy But Cute Sweater:
Cozy But Cute Sweater – Burgundy

Ribbed Red Dress:
Ultimate Favorite Ribbed Dress – Red

Naila Sequin Tulle Dress:
Naila Sequin Tulle Dress – Gold

Netflix and Chill Set:
Netflix and Chill Set – Olive


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  1. My friends, I hope you enjoyed this collaboration! Let me know if you want to see more, and which outfit was your favorite! Don't forget to Subscribe if you haven't already for more ridiculous fashion videos. Love you cute butts!

  2. For the red dress, If it’s thin enough, I have discovered you can put a high waisted jean skirt over it or just flip it up and put pair of jeans over it and it just looks like a body suit! So then you keep the top portion you like without the bottom you hate

  3. I followed the link to that red dress on the Fashion Nova site, and honestly, I think it looks much better on you two than it does on their model! Maybe that's because it's exactly the kind of thing I would wear, and my body type is much closer to yours than to the woman modeling it on their site. Either way, I think I want it now.


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