It’s been a very long time since I’ve uploaded something to Youtube. Smash Ultimate modding is STILL fairly restricted in what will be carried out, however I’ve additionally been in a position to make a mod that simply works throughout the present limits for the primary time shortly.

Thus, my third main Smash Ultimate mannequin import to be launched is that this certainly one of King Krusha Okay. Rool (Okay. Rool’s boxing outfit from Donkey Kong 64.)
As is perhaps anticipated, the Head, Crown, & Arms are nonetheless taken from Okay. Rool’s authentic Smash mannequin, however the remaining is all customized. I’ve carried out my very own private “updates” to the outfit design, most notably the belt (which now serves because the mod’s Belly Armor alternative.)

The renders used for this mod’s UI Images are new ones I made particularly for this mod. Larger-res variations will be discovered right here:

If you need to check out this mod, you possibly can obtain it right here:

Additionally, you’ll find a tutorial for tips on how to use Smash Ultimate mods right here:

Finally, as is common, I do not do mod requests, so please don’t ask me to make any mods for you.


  1. Hey Joe, posting this here because I can't find a way to message ya directly.
    I've been in the smash modding scene for a while and used to work on PM's art team. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about ultimate modding. Feel free to message me on youtube or twitter. Nice work on everything so far btw! The octoling materials are clean af.

  2. This is amazing! Would you mind if I showcased this mod on my YouTube channel? I will give you full credit. I can’t wait to try out this mod, DK64 is a game I have a lot of nostalgia for.

  3. Looks amazing. I saw the whole process on twitter and I am astounded at the hard work you put into this. Keep going 👍


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