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All merchandise Mentioned:

Girl Soldier Crop Jumper Grey (small/medium) –

Winter Wonders Knit Jumper (dimension M/L) –

Forbidden romance lace bodysuit (US 2) –

Nobody Top Black (US 2) –

Alita Snake Jacket (US 4) –

Atomic love jumper beige (US 4)-

Double hassle tie entrance high white ( US 4) –

Temperance crop high (US 2) –

Minkpink Alexis boiler Jumpsuit ( US 4) –


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  1. Could you PLEASE do a flip through of ALL your Polaroids!!! I see how you have SO many Polaroid pictures and I would totally love a video of them. It would also be helpful and help me with what type of pictures turn out the best, could you’re Polaroid camera also make an appearance.💕💕💕💕💕P.S. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!! Tbh I don’t understand how you aren’t HUGE but I SWEAR YOU WILL BE ☺️ once again I LOVE you’re channel, and YOU ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!!! You are so VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! 🥰 🥰 💕 💕

  2. Your Beautiful Self
    Makeup AlwayS Stay On PoinT
    Love That ThumbNail ThO
    Everything LooK Amazing On You Yesss GurL I See YoU😁😁💣😋😋
    Morning Enjoy your Sunday


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