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*This video was sponsored by everlane

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BLACK T SHIRT https://rstyle.me/+Vtd5vcB8dUeVW7DXKN-bFQ XS

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BLACK MULE https://rstyle.me/+CD7SxiMhxP2c4WbSCFPchg 6.5

TRAINERS https://rstyle.me/+h_EORSf_m4sO7k3cWKXsGQ 6.5


Some of the above hyperlinks could also be affiliate hyperlinks, this doesn’t have an effect on you as a purchaser, it simply implies that if I’ve impressed you to make a purchase order and also you select to purchase one thing via one in every of these hyperlinks I’ll obtain a small fee on the sale, thanks


  1. Yes I shopped Everlane before but each time I was deceived because the blazers was to large, the shoes to small…and the price higher. So I love theirs clothes they fit with my style of clothes, but each time I had to return them. The return policy is very good , any problem to have my money back.

  2. Thanks for a great haul! If you don’t mind my asking, what is your weight? I know you said you are 5’ 6”. Trying to figure out sizing for myself. thank you!

  3. I live in southern California. Any outfit you recommend for spring and summer, I can wear for fall and winter here 😄 if you do a video on tropical island outfit, then I get an idea what to wear in summer here 🤔
    Anyways, thanks so much for your channel. I really enjoy watching your videos. You’re so sweet and pleasant and have a very modern taste. Keep up the good work!

  4. You are the only Fashion/beauty channel I am subbed to. You are so straightforward and leave quality commentary. I really appreciate your knowledge and more than anything, passion. I adore your channel. Amazing content!!

  5. All the pieces are so beautiful and i love your style in mixing and matching, it is on point 👌🏼 thanks for the inspirations. I’ll be hunting for a blazer and a trench coat with those same colors for sure 😍

  6. Sadly, Everlane are not as ethical as they like to promote themselves as. Good on You gives then a 2/5 on sustainable and 3/5 on ethical practices. Also they have just fired alot of their staff for wanting to form a union.
    This is from @EverlaneUnion on twitter:
    'Nearly every member of our team was just laid off. Retail workers from Everlane stores are being trained to replace us to answer your support emails. We are devastated beyond measure.'
    'Every single member of our union committee was fired. Anyone that currently showed public support of the union with a union slack avatar was fired. Everlane is using this pandemic as an excuse to gut our movement.'

    Even Bernie Sanders has publicly called them out. They are certainly not a company that is going to get my custom.


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