*ACTUAL* work outfits you could wear to the office in Spring – stylish and reasonably priced!

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♥ MORE outfits (like far more) ♥
Tights outfits: https://youtu.be/fVRy95vrAZ4
Affordable winter outfits: https://youtu.be/x-NJgrAmW40

5’7″ or 170cm tall / 33″-25″-36″

bralette http://bit.ly/39y9POq ($11)
underwear http://bit.ly/39xk0m2 ($8)

0:23 Outfit 1
polka dot mesh high http://bit.ly/2IuCGqE (xs $10)
black pants http://bit.ly/38w9479 (s $17)
camel plaid blazer http://bit.ly/36vJnDy (2 $30)
black and gold belt http://bit.ly/39RwgPc ( $4)
slingback heels http://bit.ly/2N1p8ph (39 $19)
White Tweed Purse http://bit.ly/2o9ARcp ( $16)

0:48 Outfit 2
white high http://bit.ly/38rjcxP (xs $15)
mauve pencil skirt http://bit.ly/2nhFUGV (xs $8)
blazer (comparable) https://amzn.to/39x2KNN (4 $59)
saddle purse http://bit.ly/2U8vszL ( $16)
slingback heels http://bit.ly/2N1p8ph (39 $19)

1:28 Outfit 3
white high http://bit.ly/2uWJE4G (xs $14)
large legged pants https://go.magik.ly/ml/u5jf/ (2 $29)
snake pores and skin belt http://bit.ly/39w1zOQ ( $7)
white pearl purse http://bit.ly/2ObycbU ( $13)
white heels (bought out), comparable: http://bit.ly/2Ph2zyD https://go.magik.ly/ml/uqys/

2:11 Outfit 4
pink high (thrifted)
white pants http://bit.ly/38uooB1 (xs $19)
white pearl purse http://bit.ly/2ObycbU ( $13)
white heels (bought out), comparable: http://bit.ly/2Ph2zyD https://go.magik.ly/ml/uqys/

3:05 Outfit 5
pink ribbon high http://bit.ly/2Iog2QL (s $15)
black skirt http://bit.ly/32Xv4q6 (xs $9)
polka dot pumps http://bit.ly/36yROxw (39 $22)
black bag http://bit.ly/39vMrkn ( $21)

3:46 Outfit 6
white high: thrifted, comparable http://bit.ly/32V83nM ( $13)
navy blue pants http://bit.ly/2ItbMzv (xs $17)
black bag http://bit.ly/39GG9Pf ( $18)
polka dot heels http://bit.ly/36yROxw (39 $22)

4:31 Outfit 7
White high http://bit.ly/31c1qfZ (xs $8)
beige pants http://bit.ly/2TrM9p4 (xs $18)
pink blazer http://bit.ly/38pQ75W (xs $43)
white purse http://bit.ly/2T8cetP ( $17)
sandals http://bit.ly/334hq4Q (8 $33)

5:24 Outfit 8
gown https://go.magik.ly/ml/uqzs/ ($25)
blazer (zara, bought out) comparable: http://bit.ly/2TIv89b (xs $32)
gucci belt http://bit.ly/2tEAvgF, comparable http://bit.ly/333bfOu ($15)
lace up booties http://bit.ly/2E7X7b7 (8 $28)
black bag http://bit.ly/39vMrkn ( $21)

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Elli Moore – OK – https://thmatc.co/?l=FA7DAF87

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  1. Got massive inspos from Yoon Se-ri and Secretary Kim's office outfits 🤣 (👍if u know what I'm talking abt)
    Also take 15% off your SHEIN order with my code: KERINA15 (not sponsored just wanted to share with y'all!) 💕 💕 💕

  2. Je ne sais pas où tu travailles mais pour les gens normaux, il est hors de question de s'habiller comme ça pour aller travailler… Un peu de décence et de pudeur tout de même… On ne montre pas la moitié de son corps quand on va travailler : chemise transparente, soutif apparent, mini-jupe… Sans compter que les pantalons qui s'arrêtent juste au-dessus des chevilles ne sont plus à la mode depuis un moment déjà. C'est ringard. Bref non, on dirait juste une pauvre allumeuse qui essaye de se donner un genre pour aller travailler. Next !

  3. Parlo per che voglia tradurre o per gli italiani, avete notato che anche se riprende tutto nessuno dice nulla invece se una in Italia lo fa viene insultata, prenderei l’esempio

  4. Compared to the last video I saw from her with office outfits, there were mostly appropriate….mostly. I get the desire to look cute, but when making a video about office outfits consider practicality first maybe?

  5. Almost all outfits look the same, same colors and forms and just were repeated, i see the point which is quite beautiful and feminine but a number of combinations are boring because of repetition and don't fit for normal offices


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