This often is the 1st replace im joyful to see!
hopefully it allow us to put outfits on cool survivors as I’ve had some cool fashions with rubbish outfits I by no means used trigger i could not change their outfit.
Hopefull I can get that mannequin and made him a champ now!


  1. Random encounters with other human enemies or sometimes good enemies pls we need that in this game lb imagine looting a house and suddenly two to four enemies maybe with guns or melee or a mix just walk in and start looting only to find you unless you sneak out the window

  2. My only problem is the zombies are endless and infinite. Hordes spawn behind you constantly and its just too much. The zombies should spawn more like it would be in real life say. Spread out or you see one lone zombie in a street. Or make it a option to toggle.

  3. This may be the 1st update im happy to see! Me, too. Now, I can put a hat on some of those with the crazy hair & hopefully, take the Ike of the klondike type hats off. And, I guess you could put the juggernaut mask on and some scent block to roam with hoards LOL It would be better, if say, while wearing the jug mask, it gave you all 3 zombie effects (without full blown blood plague) or while wearing the military helmet you got 20 extra health or while wearing the military uni, extra stealth (or stamina) or while wearing the cowboy hat, your firearm has increased durability or while wearing the baseball hat you extra striking.
    And, they say items will be in logical locations…How long will it be before I find an article of clothing in a gas can?!?

  4. I think the outfit customisation is really cool feature. I watched the stream and from what I understand they re working on other great things for this game. All I’m hoping for now is a new map and new vehicles. That’s it…I’ll be a happy girl lol.🙃

  5. You should watch the live stream they put out. About this they said and showed that u can change ANYONE literally ANYONE red talon, survivors even god himself.

    Also they said that they will put out even more content from now on after this and they working on guns too. Adding more guns.


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