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  1. If she gets that real D all his money and fame won't mean a thang. You can tell he don't treat her like he desires her. He's infatuated with her…big difference. Yes he loves her and women want us to make love to them because we love them…but sometimes they just want us to throw that politeness out the door and F them on the kitchen counter from time to time. It makes the relationship sexy and makes them feel sexy. It's time he step his game up, stop acting goofy ALL the damn time and show his woman she's desired as a Woman not his wife, mom of his children or his best friend. Just my thoughts about it

  2. Keeping it real, she sounds like she's ready for divorce. Oh and when it comes to men and women , money is not the controlling factor, it's sex. You don't have to take my word for it, just stop performing up to par sexually man or woman and you will see for yourself.

  3. Chris Rock once said this" you can never satisfy a woman. even if you do her with a diamond d**k she will complain its so hard and hurting i cant take it anymore!!"

  4. Jada got the nerve to ask these questions? Omg
    She's jealous of her stepmom. Stop it Ayesha, you are a light skin woman living in California that's admired by people of all races.

  5. U hoes need to go seek the only attention and validation u need and thats from god our father. It makes me sick to my stomach hearing how u females are. Ever since the beginning u mfs have always been persuaded by other mfs and could careless about the one next to u. Thats why eve was tricked by the serpent in the garden cuz u hoes are always looking for someones elses validation even when u got someone with u. Look at adam:) he was the only fuckin man on earth and u still cheated like a fuckin hoe and slept with some creature that wasnt even a man. All of u fuckin females make me sick cuz you mfs are the only down fall of man.If every man knew how disgusting u females are none of us men would ever fuck with u. When god said he gave us men a help mate in life, he meant to help us in life and not to help stab us in the back and to gain attention from others:)

  6. So she’s jealous of her husband and they congratulate her for it ? Yup can you say divorce bitch by go make your own money .. oh wait you’ll just go fuck another ball player that you so desperately crave attention from .. because your independent and strong and not a gold digger .. got it ..

  7. All u mfs are hoes. U have a husband or a man and U want other men to tell u your beautiful?? Your fuckin morals are disgusting. Why the fuck would any man want to be with a hoe that wants attention from other men and females. Fake ass bitch. Ayesha is a hoe along with 99 percent of u nasty ass females. Divorce that hoe curry frfr

  8. 🗣PSA. This was so disappointing, I usually love your videos, SO neutral, Normally. What click bait… "Male groupies" you're stetching for this one. For black twitter to equate validation to "catcalling" is JUMPING and appalling. You're laughing and (therefore) encouraging the IG and black twitter dragging. Ayesha is so genuine and outspoken, they're are No "Vain" motives, let her have her opinion and keep her name out of your mouth. Don't half mediate at her defense to the public, half support the drag, its wishy washy. At this point either makes videos non biased like you used to or pull this one down, losing major respect. @empressive

  9. I understand what she saying but don’t put your business out there your married and have a family that’s disrespect to the household and then if that’s what you want let it come naturally. If men ain’t showing you attention it’s probably because people respect the marriage because of them not her. If it ain’t happening then let it be don’t have a bitchfit because you not getting what you want. No homo nice respectful guy worth millions and you want attention from the outside. Worry about the inside and not the outside. And that’s why relationship don’t work like they should

  10. Listen, she is gonna have to understand that sometimes she's gonna be 1B with Steph. His career is 1A. Any professional athlete who achieves the kind of success Steph has REALLY LOVES WHAT HE DOES. This is a 5 year run for him and the Warriors. I'm sure he's very supportive of her. She's just in her feelings. #BECAREFULWHATYOUASKFOR

  11. Ayesha curry statement and the support of women is an example of the hypocrisy of you women. There’s no fkn way the average emotional women wouldn’t eat step curry alive for saying the same thing

  12. Ayesha is constantly trying to make herself "good" enough for curry because she feels he's too good for her. Some other examples would be Ariana Grande and Pete when they were dating, Beyonce and Jay Z. Despite the gender, if one person gets a doubt, they seek validation from different people to satisfy themselves.


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