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  1. Ooooh I really enjoy seeing you do these! It is nice to see what is in fashion for men. I am glad you kept those pants, both pairs. The stretchy dark ones look good AND are comfortable? Enjoy them! The reddish pair were so different, it will be a nice change now and then. I absolutely loved how the long sleeved tee with pocket looked on you, but can understand you not liking an element of it. Would love to see Kristin's box. I guess these will not be of interest to everyone, but I always do like to see and live vicariously I suppose, since the clothes are too pricey for me. But you vlog and should look nice since all eyes are on you. If I could afford it, I would definitely try it.

  2. Honestly, when you move, I'm gonna miss these excellently edited films. I enjoy your vlogs, but these edited vids man. They look so nice and you seem so happy with them.

  3. I remember you trying StitchFix for men back when you were living in Alaska (not sponsored at the time), so I love this ad. It's clear you're advertising something you really enjoy and have enjoyed for years, so your enthusiasm is genuine and trustworthy. I might have to give StitchFix a shot again. 🙂 P.S. CAPTAIN ADVENTURE!

  4. Dang. I can't even afford to get my husband new jeans from cheap places like walmart or kohls. And you can find so many decent quality clothes that look like any of those for less than half the price. Even if one day I can afford to spend money like that, I don't think I'd want to. Rather buy cheap clothes and put any extra money into savings. Sorry Cory. They look nice, but those are terrible deals. You can easily find a jacket just as good for at least half the price if you just shop around.

  5. Those price tags would be enough for me to nope out. Like seriously, most of my clothes shopping gets done during big sales where I can bring along further discounts. Same goes for bedding.

  6. Cory, I love you bro. I love your family and I love your channel. But this was a thirteen minute commercial advertising clothes that I think most of your average audience can not afford. Sorry, but it's true.

  7. I'm always torn with those boxes. On the one side – it's awesome not to have the whole searching for stuff, going to several stores to get something that you like – and you get to try things you might have never even picked up in a store and you might suprise yourself by liking it. But on the other hand one becomes out of touch with the pricing and trends of clothes – as you said a couple of times in this video "I think it is a good price" / "I think it's trendy" … even without being able to touch the qualtity of the fabric – I sat here thinking – "no that's not a good price" and "that is not trendy"…
    But if the prices are ok for you and you like the clothes – the box might be the right thing for you.
    And I just kinda wanna do the math here 🙂
    Jacket orange – 79$
    Jeans strechy – 188$
    Jeans mauve – 98$
    Jacket dark blue – 199$
    Jacket grey – 269$
    shirt blue – 39$
    shirt lilac – 28$
    longsleeve pocket – 34$
    shirt yellowstone – 34$
    longsleeve hoodie shirt -55$
    stylist fee – 20$
    = total : 1.043 $

    so 25 % are 260,70$

    sending back the two items is saving: 303$

    so even with 25 % saving when keeping the two items, you saved more with sending them back 😀

  8. Love this!!! I completely understand the reactions to many people complaining about the price, but I’ve learned that quality products last a heck of a lot longer and tend to be worth the extra $$. How much did you spend on that trendy North Face jacket you’re wearing? About $300-$500 cause it is good quality and will last. I live in Europe now (used to live in VA) and many people here spend a lot of $$ on clothes, but the reason is, is that the QUALITY is so much better. Sure, you can go to Walmart and target and get some great stuff back i the US (no Walmart here in Spain btw,) but you’ll be going back again and again to those discount stores when those clothes fade in the wash or the seams rip. This video is different and I enjoyed hearing about how the company works and glad that Cory found some clothes he likes! Men deserve retail therapy too!

  9. Yes Go to Yellowstone! My husband planned a huge road trip and that was our final destination. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. It was snowing and beautiful.

  10. This is Justin. I've always wondered about stitch fix! Thanks for the video! We are family YouTubers also and though we live in Texas…I am originally from Norman! Boomer!!

  11. Okay people, it is a sponsored video, but Stitch Fix is good quality clothing, much of it made in the USA. I’ve ordered a few times and so has my husband, you can also adjust your min-max prices, along with other preferences. You want Walmart quality, go to Walmart. Buy nice or buy twice. I get being thrifty, because I have to do that too! We all have different versions of “value”. It isn’t always something I can do, but when I want a wardrobe update, it’s great. Oh yeah, we did Stitch Fix Kids and it worked really great, the price points were way lower!

  12. Looks good on you Cory. I wish they did ship to Canada. CAPTAIN ADVENTURE. Keep up the good looks it is nice to see younger guys wanting to look good and care how they dress.

  13. Captain adventure! 😬

    I really like those items cory! And I really like the idea behind it, makes shopping for clothes so much easier!


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