This video is all about the boho model! I stroll you thru what makes the boho model and I present you items from Anthropologie, Madewell, Gap, and Loft that can allow you to incorporate the boho development into your wardrobe.

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  1. Good overview of bohemian style but I have to disagree with your thoughts on wide leg cropped jeans because I find them ugly and unflattering on everyone. Guess we all have different taste.
    Looking forward to you covering an edgy style as well as others in the future.

  2. I hope you will do a version of this series for people like myself who will not purchase from all of these 'fast fashion' brands. I hope going forward to see a lot more content about more sustainable brands. ( and please NOT Everlane! )

  3. Great video Emma! I really like that you give examples from different price points and also what to look for to create the style for yourself. Super excited to see what other styles will come in this series. (I think especially excited for the punk/rocker style haha)

  4. This is exactly what I needed! I've been trying to improve my style according to my personality and definitely love the boho look, but I wasn't sure how to do that without spending a lot of money and thanks to you, now I realize that many of my clothes have some of these four elements! Definitely loved this.

  5. Excellent video. I liked how you focused on the elements. I like boho but lean more to the Gap and Loft end of the style. I am classic with a twist so I can see me adding a little boho without going all into it completely. I look forward to this series. I also really enjoy how you help people with their capsule wardrobe.

  6. I never realized how much I gravitate towards boho style elements. I like to mix boho, preppy, and classic pieces.

    If you like 70’s clothing and mysteries, check out the TV show Thriller. There’s lots of episodes on YouTube. Some are really entertaining and the ladies wear tons of fun prints, flowy pants, midi skirts, and boho dresses! Some good episodes are A Coffin For the Bride, Kiss Me and Die, A Midsummer Nightmare, and Only a Scream Away.

  7. This was great! It would be awesome to incorporate how you interpret this style with clothes you already own, that way we can also “shop our wardrobe” if we don’t feel like spending money at this time.

  8. Ooh, I’m excited for more in this series! This was such a nice overview, especially if going all out boho is too much but incorporating a couple elements is fun and doable. Here’s to personally hoping for a “rock” styling video! 👀👀👀


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