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| Revelations 1:17-18 |

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  1. You sounds like a 13 year old, I love beauty gurus but you are so futile and your channel is completely meaningless. You are obsessed with brands and aesthetics and never gets any deeper than that.

  2. Her make up and look in the beginning of the video is great, i know she like fashion and stuff but when shes natural like this her true age shows and its awesome to see her relaxed

  3. I bought the dress at 5:31 and it was so see-through! But i turned the top half into a cute little top and the skirt part i doubled up to make a tube top! I recommend getting a slip or something to wear under

  4. Ну ясно на красивых бабах даже мешок будет хорошо смотреться. Это не моё это не о стиле блять

  5. What kind of bra are you wearing in the third matching set if you are wearing one? What are some tips and tricks to hide bra straps or make them look cute if you can't hide them?

  6. As somebody working with and for FridaysForFuture – please don't buy items that are produced in a fast-fashion way. Buy second hand, quality over quantity, fleamarkets, there are so many possibilities! You for sure will find cute outfits there aswell, but please, please, please care about our planet and about our future! Every bit helps! xx

  7. Love you Kelsey ❤️ Just don’t like fast fashion companies like Shein. I've never bought from companies like then and don't plan on ever doing so. 😔

  8. Love the blue two piece. Also you can wear leathers in summer it’s all in how you style it. The shirt looked better with the skirt versus the ruffle tank. 😍

  9. Hey Kelsey ! I just wanted to tell you that shein is not ethical, they don't respect their workers and as an influencer it could be cool that you don't support these kind of brands 😊

  10. At first when I read the thumbnail, I thought that it said "Vacconation outfit" and I was like, "Why do you need a specific outfit to NOT die of Measles?"


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