in 2020 i actually need to make vogue movies each friday! as we speak is the primary one (how thrilling) & on this video, i attempt to see if kids Clothes can “look like” insta baddie outfits offered in popluar fashionable shops! i seen insta baddies on instagram are carrying outfits that i might’ve worn in 2nd grade (no tea, no shade), so let’s have a look at if this works, or if this fails? watch to see!

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➩ what’s your identify? I’m going by niki, however full identify’s nicola
➩ what’s your instagram? @NIKI
➩ do you’ve got one other channel? sure w/ my twin sis referred to as niki & gabi
➩ how outdated are you? twenty-whore *I imply 4*
➩ how tall are you? 5’01 (THE 1 INCH COUNTS OK?)
➩ what’s your ethnicity? half cuban, half italian
➩ the place do you reside? good ol’ pennsylvania
➩ what do you employ to edit? closing reduce professional x
➩ what cameras fo you employ? canon eos m5 & canon g7x mark ii & canon 70d

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if you happen to made it this far and also you’re studying this, sup. let’s have our personal inside joke & remark down beneath “niki is in a MOOD on those rocks” If you watched the entire video you will know what this implies.

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  1. You have a lot of impressionable viewers – a grown woman being able to fit into kids clothing can be highly triggering for people who think they need to be that dainty and thin. This can trigger those who struggle with eating disorders, and as someone who has suffered with one before and has seen all of the forums, It was extremely popular for girls to get small enough to shop in the little boys section and wear superhero shirts that looked cropped on them to show off their flat stomachs. I miss your "the truth about videos", they had more depth and encouraged a way better message than this content.

  2. Who else thinks Nikki looks,acts,is kinda like Billie ellish

    I’m NOT saying she’s copying Nikki has her own style but like they KINDA have the same vibes
    My opinion DONT COME AT ME

  3. I think she did great styling these outfits, the only sad truth is that if you're skinny, you can make anything "insta baddie" by just showing skin (literally be naked and it's a "baddie" look). So it's not only hard for people who's not small to find clothes but also expensive since you gotta pay for adult retailing and can't find dupes from children's clothing. Like I'm glad my feet are small enough to fit into children's shoes, so I can get my sporty shoes at a cheaper price.

  4. Something about Nikki rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure but she seems very superficial and lacking of a real personality. At least that’s how she has presented herself.
    It’s all about being LA and looking hot, and what are her real interests?

  5. I was so pissed at her friend when she said “ I am not going in there to help u”……I mean…u are her BEST FRIEND. I would go above and beyond to help my friends even if it’s about the littlest things…..and btw her FRIEND said it in 5:43


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