So many summer season wedding ceremony visitor outfit concepts. All hyperlinks HERE:

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  1. I have that jumpsuit in turquoise (the first one you tried on in black and red). I love it! You are absolutely correct about the sizing; I wish I had gotten the size 4 so I wouldn't need to wear a bra. I got it in a 6. I also have similar nude shoes to wear with it. Great video!

  2. Love your try on hauls. Especially the affordable ones but in case you wanted more video ideas, I’d love to see a hair tutorial video. I like your effortless look like you tried but not too hard.

  3. I watch all your try ins and you literally look amazing in every item you put on!! I am very envious of your figure 👍🏻💃

  4. I miss being the age where I have weddings each spring summer. I think I’m another 10-15 years I’ll be there again when my own kids and friends kids start getting married.

  5. Maybe ODD request: Could you, if possible, do a haul or try on where clothe are slightly modest. I LOVE your style and have purchased so many of your recommendations and would be happy if you could do this vdo. Don't bother pls if its just me requesting this LOL Happy Memorial Day

  6. Hey Lee,
    These are great suggestions. I own the black jumpsuit thanks to you ! I love it and have worn it many times
    I may be old school but I heard wearing black to a wedding is considered not acceptable? Is that true ? I will have to google it !
    Great outfits ! Thank you


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