Director Morgan Spurlock’s social experiment in fast-food gastronomy sees him trying to subsist uniquely on meals from the McDonald’s menu for a whole month. In the method his weight balloons, his vitality degree plummets and he experiences all types of surprising — and terrifying — unwanted side effects. He additionally examines the company big’s rising position within the lives of American customers and explores its strategies of indoctrinating younger folks and its contribution to America’s weight problems epidemic.


  1. Well, nobody is forcing people to go to these fast food dumps. I haven't been to one in over a decade. If people are dumb and lazy enough to go there, well, that's their choice.

  2. This was a big deal when I was younger and now it’s the equivalent of something Buzzfeed would do on a monthly basis. Person does…for 30 days.

  3. A pound of body fat is roughly 3000 Calories, so if he was getting a surplus of 2500 calories a day and not enough water, he was almost gaining a pound a day.

  4. Also surgur is a DRUG its pretty much the most addictive one out of all of them ever notice how every single time you have surgur you get super energized and then you want more? Oh yeah thats called being addicted fucking lose some goddamned whight, fast or somthing bloody hell if your about to get diabetes stop eating you fat fuck just stop chugging surgur all day and you will be fine but oh yeah thats right surgur is addictive who would've thought.

  5. Also why do you need to have a docter tell you your not doing so well and diet coke is WAY worse than normal coke and you think cows dont have sugur in their flesh so the sausages arent going to have surgur in them really? Oh yeah right they're not even made of real meat

  6. Really lady everything is organic? You live in Manhattan you have no farms and your going to tell me nothing on your table is gmo every single thing on that table is gmo

  7. Ya'll ever hear of moderation or not eating it at all. Also that's your right to eat what ever you want. If you want to not eat garbage then don't. Blaming others for you're shortcomings is childish. I'm overweight but, am taking control of my predicament and so should you.

  8. Spurlock's math is way off. Its impossible to eat 5000 calories a meal unless one eats two meals for one meal. A Big Mac, with everything, medium fries and medium Coke and apple pie is less than 4000 calories. He's just pushing that BS vegan diet again. He must love his girlfriend.

  9. He ate over 6,000 calories of food…It doesn't matter at such a point where it's from, and he gained weight. Although I like Morgan as a person, this is just bullshit. Of course you will gain weight doing such things. His liver enzyme tests were later figured out. He drinks…a lot. Having this happen personally in my life, I can promise your ALT etc. will increase with alcohol use/abuse. Enjoy this for what it is: a story, but certainly not science. His food log has still NOT been released in 2020. His workout lady or whatever she is, drops the bomb of 6,000 kcals a day, and was later confirmed by employees. McDonalds is not health food. Just food for thought 😉

  10. Can’t denied the fact that this is all the fault of the consumer them selfs, what happened to the traditional family that cooked all meals at home all the time and only dined out on the weekends or special occasion, this is not the fault of the businesses them self, is all the lazy generations after the 80’s all women decided to just order pizza for their brats instead of cooking a healthy meal, damn I can’t help but to cringe at the fact that I did the same with my own 2 kids… Jesus Help Us…. LOL!!


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