Happy Holidays!
I hope you get some inspiration for easy methods to preserve a minimalistic and cute work wardrobe.


  1. When the sirens came on I was like wow, sounds like a couple of my videos! Lol then you mentioned it being common in NewYorkers vids😂 so true! Anyway, cute outfits!

  2. Love your Style! Can you please make a video about your college/university experience ? Everything from getting your degree , staying motivated ,etc. How you knew you wanted to teach?

  3. I thought you had cut your hair when the longer parts were behind your back! It looks really cute that length though so you could totally rock it.

  4. All the best on your teaching journey. My 10+ years in the classroom provided some of my best learning experiences. I use it now to homeschool my three. Great to see you sharing your truth and in style. All the best.

  5. Thanks so much for another great video! I absolutely love your videos and your look books are always so helpful! I'm not a teacher yet, I'm just a para educator but I like to dress cute/professional. Keep these types of videos coming and also the teacher ones! You inspire me to be a teacher one day 🙂

  6. You are so cute! Lol! Your enthusiasm is contagious! I was smiling the whole time! I really enjoy your teaching videos. I'm a sped/ee student at Northern Arizona University. I am starting my very first semester in my education BSEd program next month. I am really nervous, but watching your videos helps me to feel confident for my future students!

  7. Hey boo! I love you girl I can’t wait for all the teaching videos! I’m becoming a teacher too and have been needing more clothing inspiration haha


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