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  1. If gender is a social construct, then it's not real. If it's not real, we don't have to care about it or act upon it or kowtow to people who are playing their insane game of pretend.

    Biological sex is real. Therefore it must be taken under consideration.

  2. Israel was supporting ISIS in their war to overthrow the Syrian Government. They also supported the IRAQ war. They do want the low IQ Islamists in power that can't organize great armies to destroy them.

  3. 1:37:50 This 70 year late pardon reminds me of these verses:
    MATTHEW CHAPTER 23 : 28-32
    28     Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. 
    29     Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, 
    30     And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. 
    31     Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. 
    32     Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.

  4. Poor TFM! I can see how tired you are getting tired from explaining the same stuff again and again and again to people and you just get more and more disappointing of them and do you know why? Because you think that most people can be saved! I am sorry but that error is entirely on you! Most people can't be saved it is not even that most people don't want to be saved (by people i mean MEN) and the reason for that is because they might be smarted then women but in general they are still as dumb as a sack of shit! People are generally dumb TFM and i think it is about time for you to face that fact that most men will always disagree with you and hate you for using facts because they are a bunch of morons who can't see the truth when it dick slaps them left and right again and again because they are gay but they just can't admit it to themselves!

    My advice focus on those who believe your message and ignore the rest FUCK ALL THOSE FUCKING WANKERS! They don't deserve to get saved… let god sort them out!

  5. okay so here's the deal. Raise the bar back up. Balance all the laws to be equal regardless of gender. If the ladies can't keep up they can't keep up their rights. BUT! Make the same rule apply to men. That way it's not sexist. (I'm basically saying take section 8's right away) If you can't pay taxes, you shouldn't vote.

  6. Orthodox Jews in Israel are not as patriarchal as you might think. 73% of Ultra Orthodox women in Israel are employed. The number of Ultra Orthodox Jewish women in Israeli universities has increased significantly in recent years

    "The number of Haredi students enrolled in Israeli institutions of higher education – universities and colleges – jumped, astoundingly, tenfold, from 1,000 to 10,800 – and 69% of them are women. Haredi students disproportionately study education and para-medical professions."

  7. Mao was a sociopathic shabbos goy with Bolshevik handlers; he was their complete and utter puppet. Jews have long-since dominated China's central and major banks through proxy entities. They play all sides. Jews literally invented bait–&-switch communism to take power through brainlets uprising for their promised gibs. You're incredibly intellectually lazy, TFM.

  8. stop right there TFM, you are wrong about the rvason muslims came to eutop, after world wor 2 the population in europ was low on men because wor and deth, so they brought them in with the intend that they wil leew once all is repaired and rebuild, but because men died and women didnt they mvried german women and brought in all theyr relatives. that is why they are in europe. and as four who is behind it all, wel take a gues, who benefits that there is more workforce and lebore is cheeper?not the jus, not the muslims, not the women, everione is miserable, a man cant aford to work alone in a houshold, and big kompanies they are the onli ones happy, its the big COMPANIS that fk everione over, look at sorows, he is not a juw, not a muslim, not a women but he is pro imigration, pro EU and probably pro women rights because it benefits them

  9. Amazing content! I used to get a daily dose of red pill from a well known mgtow content creator but now… TFM, you are undoubtedly the best due to the fact that you get right to the core of most modern day problems in western society. And I highly agree with the one and only solution – take their rights away! The most humane and efficient solution.

  10. What's interesting about Cuckistan is that the Muslims there also have a relatively low TFR at 2.6, compared to Muslims from other Muslim countries. Goes to show how much cucked Cuckistan is.

    This should be a matter of concern for Cuckistan because their neighbour Pakistan has a FR above 6. There might come a time when Cuckistan's national security would be at jeopardy.

    What's worse is that every political party caters to extreme levels of women empowerment, because the politicians know where their votes come from.

    On the plus side, the NE region might get a chance for their independence from Cuckistan. Although living under the domination of Cuckistan have made them cucks too.

    Furthermore, adopting western feminism has actually aggravated gynocentrism in Cuckistan. Cuckistan was heavily gynocentric from the start. Their dominated religion, Hinduism is extremely gynocentric. You can't find a major religion in the world that WORSHIPS WOMEN. Yet, you'd get to here it from the news how Cuckistan is a hell for women. This reminds me of the nature of male feminist.

    Heck if a male feminist was a country, it would be Cuckistan. And Pakistan is it's chad brother.

  11. Florida Man is now a Rasta?
    Florida man: actual Doctor Who? Discuss.
    15:10 "The centrality of family." Who's the center of the family? Who keeps the family on the right path,
    leads them and guides them in every aspect? Who does that?
    You're goddamned right!
    Men with authority do that.
    1:00:40 Remember that Swedish female politician that tried to export her philanthropic endeavors of introducing feminism to the Congo last year and her head just mysteriously fell off?
    1:26:35 They're called Tuk Tuks.

  12. Unfortunately there's no way to take women's rights away without a catastrophic event. There aren't enough men ACTUALLY leaving the plantation, and we can't spread the word without losing our livelihood. I'm tired of the "just do it" Ortez bullshit response. We can't "just do it" when the police come to your door and take away your rights. I'm not going to bother being a martyr. The solution is mgtow until collapse.

  13. Isn't it societys paradigm to blame for men being thrown into jail for everything? My uncle got kicked out of his house for being attacked by his son and his wife sided with son, they are good now, but he is cucked because she now knows who has the power, back in the day he would just pimp hand his son and his wife and it would've been fine.

  14. not the Jews…those who call themselves Jews…It is the Kenites…The sons of Cain. I have a 152 IQ. You have to go deeper. Try learning something and stop thinking you know it all. Read the Bible.

  15. I have a feeling of deja vu with this video. I swear I already watched this video a week or so ago, so why is it coming up as new in my feed?

  16. The jewish question makes perfect sense. Short term gains. Undermine host country reap money leave. They will always have isreal right? Their ethnostate.

  17. Jews invented Kabbalism, which was a early form of Gnosticism. Gnosticism went on to influence the Enlightenment movement and Freemasonry. Communism was Jewish though.


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