arthur made a customized outfit based mostly on the legendary giaguaro panther cloak. regrettably, many animals had been harmed in the making of this video (however not the horses)…

below completely no circumstances must you click on right here:

i exploit a yeti nano mic (cubano gold):

i want a wire mesh pop filter as a result of i prefer to get shut:

RDR2 on PS4:

my beloved PS4 slim:

discover me on PS4 Plus:

and it is all the time good to have a spare controller (i like gold):


  1. I always make sure to do the hunting challenges first just for this reason. The cloak looks cool and I want to knock that legendary off the map lol. I just hate the one where you have to kill 5 Cougars with a bow and skin them they never spawn when you need them

  2. found something peculiar in New Austin. in the nw part of Hennigan's Stead, around the H E N on the map there's 3 or 4 dead decomposing bodies laying around. Has anyone checked into this? curious.

  3. I stayed back when I appear shot it with poison arrow he still came running at me then he bit me then turned around had to shoot him again

  4. that cloak has to be one of my favourite pieces of clothing. it looks cool and the whole death roll set is one of my favourite sets. another great video!

  5. Why do i feeel like the graphics is in 480p im wathing in 1080p HD right now but the game still looks blurry. could you (suoperantonio) somehow make the graohics better..if you can? thanks and love your vids:)

  6. Nice one love the cloak! I recently became a fan of the Union shirt. I used to think it was “low tier” haha but holy crap didn’t know Arthur was that buff.


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