The Outer Worlds Makes Space Suits Won’t Travel All Items Location Guide (Well Dressed Trophy Guide) I’ll present the placement to the Spacer outfit, Marauder Armor, and Iconoclast Armor. Plus How to get Primal Leather, Mantiqueen Chitin, and Raptidon Flank Hide. When you full this quest you will obtain Chimaera. Afterward, I’ll present you the place to search out A Nice Hat so you will get the Well Dressed Trophy / Achievement.

► Thank you Obsidian & Private Division for offering me with a replica of the sport.

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💯 The Outer Worlds TROPHY GUIDE

The Outer Worlds Trophy Guide

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  1. Fuck me! I didn't know that hat was important so I sold that almost at the beginning of my gameplay… I guess I have to do a second re run… Maybe I can find the hat somewhere else?

  2. For Spacer outfit what worked for me was getting Leather Gear, Casual and googles from Brook & Olson. Both purchasable on Groundbreaker

  3. Out of curiosity, do the monkeys respawn on Cllya, because I’ve already been there and killed everything in sight. How else would I be able to collect the leather?

  4. You know, before this mission, I was trying to get along with every faction, and stay neutral to the board, but after spending all that time gathering clothing and materials, they kill her, and I decided I had enough, so I shot up every single guard in Byzantium

  5. I don’t know what kind of glitch this was! But I show up to get the nice hat and it’s gone! So I start thinking I picked it up at some point but I was wondering why I left all the ammo. Then I turned around again and it was there. I was scared I messed up! Haha

  6. Here's the thing, I didn't expect this quest to be such an emotional gut punch. I'm serious, nothing else in the game got this much of a visceral shock out of me than finding Celeste freshly murdered in her shop. Maybe it was because of how genuinely passionate she was about her craft or her helping Parvati with her self-confidence by telling her she was beautiful, but I quickly took a shine to this character. Then combine that with her giving by far the most expansive fetch quest in the game, followed by a task that's literally meant to annoy you by running around in circles, causing me to write the quest off as a complete joke, only to run full-sprint into the shop, hoping to be done with it, and finding this friendly, albeit eccentric character on the ground with her murderers having not even left the shop yet.

    I felt so bad, so appalled by what I saw that I had to make two different saves. One where I mournfully let the officers walk away, had a final goodbye with body, found the completed prototype outfit in her office, decided to wear her last work for the rest of the game in her honor, and another save where I shot the officers for their horrendous reasons for murder. But them, it got better. I noticed that the other offers in the shop who had stood still during the shoot-out hadn't helped, so I tried talking with one of them to see if they were okay. The guy I spoke to openly said they were glad Celeste was dead. Of course, I had no choice but to murder him as well. That triggered every other officer in the city to come and try to kill me. All the while, I was screaming that their deaths were in Celeste's name and that her legacy would be painted in their blood.

    So yeah, I was a little attached to this character and seeing her die was a real tragedy.

  7. ⚠️Spoiler⚠️ if you try to do this quest if you don’t side with the board at the end you will be shot by the lady making it impossible to finish the quest

  8. If you haven't done pavatis quest you won't fail as there is a new shop keeper after she dies do you can just do the quest as normal 🎮😁


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