More than 40 years earlier than RuPaul’s Drag Race, this ground-breaking documentary concerning the 1967 Miss All-American Camp Beauty Pageant launched audiences to the world of aggressive drag.


  1. It wasn't a racial thing Jean Harlow( later known as Rachel Harlow ). It was because Harlow was part of Warhol's crowd at the fun factory. Plus Harlow had a off night and never photograph well in my personal opinion. My father had always would have to coach Harlow before photos, Harlow was really young than and really grew into her full potential later in the 1970s

  2. And it turns out there was ONLY ONE TRUE QUEEN. THE LEGENDARY CRYSTAL LABEIJA. The legendary mother and founder of the house of LABEIJA. These pathetic queens knew CRYSTAL went by the name CRYSTAL LA ASIA, But they chose to ridicule her in front of Andy Warhol and call her CRYSTAL LABEIJA because of her BEIGE COLOR COMPLEXION!. They was throwing shade. If there was no CRYSTAL there would have never been VOGUE. It there was no CRYSTAL there will not be a hit TV show called POSED today. If there was no CRYSTAL Madonna would have never had her biggest hit. And to think it all started out of racism, even within the gay/transgender community that's the shameful part of it all.


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