1. I think my husband will continue to have a bad dream or a sleepless night because I am the biggest puffy puffy laying close to him in our bed 🛌 so if he doesn’t have much place on the bed 🛌 he can buy us a big one because I am not reducing my next meal 🥘 for him because he want a slim wife 😂

  2. You Christian women should welcome others like the Muslim women, only you people fight and disgrace yourselves because of men, you can never see a Muslim woman crying and fighting because of a man. Besides it better for a man to marry two wives and relax than flirting with different women. A husband that lustfully look at women without carrying them is the same with the one that carries women because they are the same in the sight of God.

  3. She's 100% correct. Niaja wives are always trying killing themselves to keep a man, what do men do to keep their wives Practically NOTHING. The time wives spend in killing themselves to keep a man Biko use the time to Empower yourself make ymoney for your kids. a cheat Husband will not change because someone ask them to stop NEVER, except it Comes from their mind. If u can't tolerate DIVORCE. Wives that fight side chic don't have self dignity. And side chic do not call wives they have it enough that their husbands are cheating. Gone are the days if u can't beat them you join them.this days is if u can't beat them make a difference stay your lane. Not all men that marry you loves you Nba most of them just need u for house chores and when they don't have money to give side chic u will be available for him .no man that truly love his wife will hurt her.

  4. Some men spend a lot money on their side chick and give only feeding money to their wives no woman don't want to look gud it depends on how much u get extra to look gud .


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