Director R.J. Cutler’s documentary presents a uncommon look inside Vogue as the style journal’s influential editor, Anna Wintour, and inventive director, Grace Coddington, produce the extremely anticipated September situation. Cutler captures the demanding artistic course of in motion for 9 months, following perfectionist Wintour and stylist Coddington as they attend style week in Europe, limitless picture shoots and intense workers conferences.


  1. Wow I thought she’s more secure than I thought 🤦🏻‍♀️ waste of money and time !!!!! Been there done that!!!! Plant trees 🌲 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There's so much wrong about the "fashion industry", and hardly any usefulness. All of these people are grossly superficial. Yuk! They'd certainly never survive in the REAL world. I have more respect for our waste management workers. 😉 They're ONLY clothes. It's just a silly magazine. Ug.

    I only watched this out of curiosity, and because we're on lock down to try to stay safe/healthy (Coronavirus pandemic out there). Hopefully, everyone stays well.. 🤙

  3. Her wearing those big ‘ol sunglasses all the time has/is definitely paying off… those UV rays ain’t get no where near her under eyes 👀

  4. Anna Wintour asserts that people are insecure if they ridicule or reject the world of fashion. She ignores the impossible beauty standards her profession projects that rejects people who are above a size 6, are old, or disabled. It’s time to take a step back and ask ourselves if the values promulgated by the fashion industry are worth the consequences of low self esteem, eating disorders and bullying that result.

  5. This is why I never understood the hype behind Sienna Miller. She wasn't that interesting to look at or a talented actress, but she was so overhyped and over celebrated around this time. Leon is that teammate who has one or two good ideas and gets credit all year. Grace is that teammate who keeps the whole project going and works her butt off all year long and barely gets any credit.

    Edit: Who woke up Anna's daughter from her nap? 😴

  6. Let me tell you something it takes style to make something from Kmart look exspensive and tasty and crisp and unique! I shop second hand even Kmart ir Walmart is to expensive for me but I'm soooo stylish and everyone always says to me how the heck do you ever afford the cloths you have to have an eye for your style I dont dress for anyone but myself..I'm cant stand the rotten bitch she is such a bitch! But congrats she can hang her hat up she had millions of poor animals cause VOGUE Anna said to wear it ..oh Wow let's shove a mink up her ass for it..ha,ha,ha..BRAVO..You know now that I think of it She needs a good toe curling I'd lbecthe bitch to give it to her to. oh yeah baby..

  7. I don't blame the daughter for not wanting to get into the fashion industry as her famous mother. Fashion is a strange world. these people are way too self entitled. Yuck.

  8. Fashion is rude and fake. Totally not necessary. Anna is a bore!! The fashion designer has great taste but Anna, phhsssssst. She has big and probably old money. Arrogant.

  9. im a transgender mtf without surgery. its been my lifelong dream to be able to walk down that runway n show other transgender wemon there is hope for all of us nomatter what we may look like

  10. Shoutout to Grace for letting Bob know he doesn’t have to go to the gym and advocating for his stomach not to be retouched via photoshop so as to show there are people with everyday real bodies and not everyone is slender that way.

  11. Her little hair cut is soooo annoying. People obsessed w/ fashion is usually people with insecurities or bullying backgrounds. Fashion makes them feel unique and royal. Although they are below average. Look at those Britains perpetuating royalty throughout movies when in their real life their dna is being mix with Indians and Pakistanis. Wankers

  12. I LOVE ANDRE! lol I;M STARVING FOR BEAUTY ! LOL and I LOVE GRACE so much (Grace has so many great quotes in this film: I can't shoot everything in my life with steven meisel in an older mansion which is an ugly F-ing house" love it    ANA is fantastic people don't get her but you have to understand no one else on the planet can do this kind of job that is so demanding and I don't think she treats people like crap she's no different then any other NY boss that I ever had and this is a high demanding position to control a magazine she's been doing it for decades and she has impacted the fashion industry in a major way she needs people around her that will help her continue her vision , say what you will and what you may think of Ana but she does her job and she does it well!

  13. When they kept putting political crap in it is when I cancelled my subscription to Vogue. I was there for fashion, not to get pissed off. Plus every single page was an ad. There was no substance. It's garbage. 📚📖

  14. Anna: Hi Darling!
    Mario: I’m good and you?
    Anna: Did you see the match last—
    Mario: You look good for the room
    Anna: Giggles Did you see Rogers match yesterday?


  15. It is hard being in the spotlight, working with a close friend, work-family but what is even more difficult is when someone close to you hurts your being and the telling you that “this is not what I want”. It is difficult when this comes from someone close and in the same thought but with a different idea. Even when you know what you are doing is right on the money and they say “No It's Not”. It’s not right but you have to take it and move on.

    Life is hard but with time all hurts will heal. Talent is your eye and spirt never give up.

  16. Nieman Marcus: they’re not keeping up with the sales. We’re selling out. . Anna: make the price is higher less is more LOL


  18. I'm 43 minutes into this and I'm just appalled at the lack of honesty in people and how quick they are to talk out of both sides of their mouths. They jump when Anna says 'jump' and refuse to be honest and give their opinion on anything. Then run around to everyone else in their department and bad mouth her and her decision making. Some of these people are truly spineless. Especially that Creative Director Charlie Churchward – is it possible to be born without a spine? I'll have to ask Charlie how he manages.


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