Hi my mates
“This look was pre-styled with Original Styling Meraki by BluMaan. Apply to damp hair and then blow-dry in for added volume and hold. The look was finished with BluMaan’s Fifth Sample Pomade which offers a low shine and high hold. It is also infused with hair health ingredients so your hair feels nourished and enriched after each use. You can save yourself 10% when you use code KOCHI at BluMaan.com.”

► purchase hair product : http://bit.ly/kochihaircare use code KOCHI for 10% off.


  1. how often do YOU wash your hair? I only wash mine 2x's a week… with all that product in ones hair would you wash, re-style and add more product daily? Or wet hair and style with product that is already in your hair? thanks, Joe

  2. So much better to see old school barbers making a comeback with Gents cutting Gents hair ,men know the importance of mens hair not a female. This guy is good


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