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Today I’m going to present you ways to make your personal easy customized content material in kind of six minutes!

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  1. thank you for this! I really liked how straight forward this is,
    side note
    lol I spent three days on and off trying to figure out how to work this turns out all I was doing was clicking save as instead of export, smartest human award goes to me

  2. i have this problem when i click on ( for example ) cas, it just doesnt want to load in-game content. i tried reinstalling the game, but it doesnt fix anything. little help?

  3. while trying this I made a bunch of stuff and when I put them in the studio they turned the sim white. The clothes came out great the sims was just solid white. I used Fire Alpaca, the parts that needed to be transparent were transparent, and they were saved has png, where'd I go wrong?

  4. Don't worry guys
    Emily annoyed literally everyone
    So I killed her
    In the Sims 4
    (The great quotes of great people)
    Just joking Im not that great
    Im not even a people
    I don't even have a grammar
    Sorry for this usseless comment (-_-)

  5. i tried this and all the steps went perfectly, although it doesn't show up on my sims game like everyone elses cc i have downloaded, i can't figure out what i did wrong D:

  6. If anybody actually sees this help me!!

    I have a MacBook Air from apple and I can never get mods it always says something like “we couldn’t find this in App Store” when I haven’t even looked in the App Store. Can someone please make a video and I will immediately sub to u or give me a channel or video that is on MacBook AIR. Please and thank you.

  7. I love that MASTERPIECE you made LOL. OK I did everything you said. it all went well UNTIL I put it on my sim and she turned nude looking but I could sorta see the CC I put on her. Any clue what I missed?


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