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The BrainFood Show Episode 1: Throwing Tomatoes


  1. God…. One of these guys is almost unbearable to listen to. He's beyond annoying! He thinks the same things are funny and laughs about it for 5 fucking years … His comment about how we have a navy but peoples heads aren't being chopped off and his friend had to remind him its 2019 and there is a government overseeing everything… Seriously guy??? ……… [rummages through drawers searching for pistol]

  2. Good morning sir. I’m one of your best fans from Kuwait. I have a question for you and I hope you would answer it with an YouTube episode. can you grow muscles like pro bodybuilders without taking steroids? is it possible to grow them naturally?

  3. quick question, when you are working with fire clay, the one you set (fire) in a kiln, before you fire it, it's water soluble but after you fire the clay it isn't? why? what changes, abd how? obviously it has something to do with the heat, but yeah.

  4. With ya on the fast and the furious. Never seen one have no need to see one. I always thought is was a movie about a 12 year old boy and a playboy mag lmao.

  5. I'm from Cornwall where we have a long history of piracy and free trading (smuggling). Many of the Cornish pirate ships were either captained by women or organised by them. Cornish piracy was also responsible for starting what is sometimes claimed to be the longest war ever.
    Dutch-Scilly War 1651-1986; 335 years. It wasn't really a war. I think a Dutch admiral got pissed off at loosing so many ships to the pirates of the Scilly Isles he declared war on them. Basically nothing happened, he was only an admiral not the ruler of Holland. lol

  6. I've got a few questions I'd like to see answered, on here:

    1. How does the church determine which scriptures are considered apocryphal?
    2. Why was the set for The Ten Commandments abandoned?
    3. What is the story behind Hermanubis and the Greek/Egyptian hybrid deities, and why is the Sphinx considered an Egyptian creature when it's got a Greek origin?

  7. "I just see a lot of sailors shouting 'Wait, my right or your right?'" this is exactly why using port and starboard is still a thing because left and right is to the person and port and starboard is to the ship.


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