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Why ought to the boys have all enjoyable. Some epic moments from the ladies of Peaky Blinders.

A infamous gang in 1919 Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a criminal offense boss set on transferring up on the earth irrespective of the price.

Peaky Blinders | Series 1 – 4 | BBC

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  1. This series is brilliant, but they. do ruin the whole thing putting here and there some scenes as to give a deliberate minute of glory to women, with very unnatural and forced dialogues done just to please the feminist audience. Those scenes are so out of place in the whole story, ruining the whole thing. Quite a prove that feminism is a consumering product. In the first two seasons Polly was a great character, kind of overdone, but good, but then they started to use this character to make all this feminist pastiche. Basically she is a caricature, and that makes the whole series look like a caricature.

  2. Could've written Grace with more justice to her character tbh, she could've done a lot more than what she was portrayed to be, especially with her occupational background of being a government spy. Like, she could've been MORE than just Tommy's love interest, that's just one part of her character.

  3. Mr. Shelby we don't smoke in here….. Well I do
    Can the choosen one smoke while having a gun pointed at him
    Smokes saying ahhh there's a women that i love while almost getting killed….. Death didn't stopped him smoking
    Linda: No…… 👁️👁️👀Ok fair enough i won't smoke😂😂

  4. ok but this show did Lind DIRTY!!! she could've had a huge redemption arc but at the same time I'm excited for Arthur to meet someone who loves him for him and doesn't try to change him. Arthur deserves the world


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