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  1. The first girl wore the most basic clothes ever. Only the first outfit something you dont see everyday but it isnt rlly special. I'm curious what she wears on a daily

    I love the second outfit of the second tiktoker


  2. I’m insecure to wear goth stuff and i was hoping that someone’s gonna be there like that. Guess not but people are insecure to wear tshirts and jeans-

  3. I'm scared to wear outfits that show my
    okay fine- my body, I'm afraid to wear outfits that show my body bc ppl be judging me :>

  4. I went to the counseled at school. I told her how I was insecure about my weight. She said, well around your age overweight is like 35 kgs . I weighed 50kg. So she put me in such a depressing position.

  5. psa: if you see everyone else wearing a certain type of outfit, don't feel obligated to wear it – wear what you feel confident in, and only do it for yourself, not for someone else. if you bought the outfit and aren't going to wear it, then why bother? in the end, it's a waste of money.


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