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  1. Has anybody seen the panther that used to always be south of braithwaite manor? I used to get him spawn there all the time, i haven't seen one there in a long time and ive roamed that area like a whole day

  2. Tip on Panthers and cougars, place bait on land stand in water. They will stalk you but not attack, yet they are right there so you can take your time with the perfect shot and get perfect kills.

  3. Im tired of the public lobbies due to kids and griefers, and people that play the game as it was Fortnite nahh I will play it again when private servers will be a thing, so I can play it with my friends only or solo.

  4. Fuckin clickbaity rambling bastard . How to turn a 30 second video into 19 minutes . Hope you dont have a girlfriend or a wife who has to listen to you because she would want to slit her throat or kill you in your sleep .

  5. I've been able to keep my pelts and carcasses. As soon as you get killed respawn as fast as you can and start spamming up on the d-pad. (whistle for horse). It's like it don't have time to run too far away

  6. So in this area I could get the 4 wolves to spawn but not the panther. I can’t get the panther south of Rhodes to spawn for me anymore. I hunted that one a lot and wonder if R* took them away from me so I can no longer hunt panthers anymore. There was one I would hunt north of San denis as well and it won’t spawn anymore either.

  7. I really hate online I’ve only played it twice too and both times I kept getting killed when I was little just hunting I had a guy keep hog tying me and burning me it sucks because I litterally just got online

  8. Very good way to make money: Loot Saddlebaggs from horses! I do this in Valentine and switch server again and again. They mostly contain a tonic and 0.50 to 3.50 dollar. Then kill all the sheep and sell their pelts. Easy 40 dollar in a few minutes. Although this will probably get lost in the sea of comments.


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