Hey guys! I discovered some thrilling new thrifted items yesterday! I hope you take pleasure in this thrift haul and check out on and get some winter to spring outfit concepts for 2019.


#ThriftHaul #OutfitIdeas #Sustainablefashion


  1. I,ve just discovered your channel today . I,ve been watching them and I wanted you to know that I,m your new subscriber¡ Good luck pip¡¡¡¡kisses from Spain ¡¡

  2. Your videos always inspire. I’m 40 years old and have worked retail most of my life. As a result, I have collected so many pieces that have sit in my closet.. I wouldn’t even want to add how much money I have spent in my career!! However, through being inspired with your videos I’m learning to work with what I have. Case and point I have a date tonight. Normally I would be heading to the mall in a frenzy, looking for something new to wear. I’m not only saving money by shopping my closet, but saving time and stress. The only thing I will pick up is maybe an inexpensive pair of earrings!! So great !! I love your work !! 💜💜

  3. Ooh the buttons are so nice. The heels are a perfect match to the teal jacket. Not sure if you’ve seen my other comment but you’d be a perfect addition to our Thrifted Look For Less Collab. There is about 10 of us participating this time around. The invite is one of the more recent vids on my channel


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