Korean ladies are actually utilizing pegs to stuff up their nostril to look extra Caucasian.
A South Korean magnificence pattern that offers customers a pointier nostril with the help of tiny pegs inserted into nostrils is shortly gaining reputation amongst ladies in East Asia.

The nose-lifting follow, which began about two years in the past, is reportedly now spreading to nations the place ladies with a extra European look are thought of extra engaging, resembling neighboring Japan, mainland China, and Taiwan, reviews Apple Daily (by way of Daily Mail).

Cheap and non-invasive, the DIY magnificence pattern requires no surgical procedure and merely includes the usage of two tiny curved silicone pegs which may simply be bought on Asian e-commerce websites.


  1. Could it be that the world is constantly degrading to an irreversible corruptible state due to rampart Godlessness? Previously, nearly all cultures, yes nearly all were conservative with certain rules of conduct but now with our so called "Advancement in Science and Technology", man has become more proud and arrogant (and stupid in my opinion) and so people will do more and more unnatural, outrageous things. So putting Pegs up people's noses to look more appealing may only be the beginning. For all your information, a book written ages ago, before 100 AD stated that in future, there will come a time when people will need to have a mark or implant (according to other translations) in their foreheads or right hand before they can buy or sell or participate in more or less any activity of society! Let's just remember that before the 'Scientist', and so called fore runners of knowledge claim it was made up by religious fanatics or low 'IQed', can't-face-reality, Mumbo-Jumbo believing naïve clowns!

    I don't claim to have secret or special knowledge or be enlightened but I think society is probably heading in the wrong direction in many ways more than invasive cosmetic surgery….which is just symptom of a more deeper problem/issue. Just my opinion though so I may be wrong but don't think so!

  2. White supremacy can make non-white people do anything. That's a fact. If anyone has dated east Asian girls you will know how much they hate themselves. It's so sad. What I find equally shocking is that they are very open with their selfhate. They like broadcasting the jaw surgery ( I love the natural wide jaw bone structure), blue contacts, hair dye etc. South Korea parents gift surgeries to children to look white on their birthdays! Randy is right it's all about looking white. I was genuinely surprised when I discovered east Asians hate their noses cos it's flat. That shows the power of white supremacy. I never bought in to the whole China superpower blah blah…the biggest, strongest force in world is white supremacy!

  3. It's just a bunch of excuses. They know they want to look white. Hollywood dominates all Asian box offices, and you already mentioned Taylor Swift. American pop music has been huge in Asia since the 60s or something. They can't act like this doesn't have an effect.

  4. Asians have always valued white skin way before before Europeans took a dominate place on the earth. It was the same way with European Aristocracy that was to separate themselves from people who worked outside and had darkened skin from the sun.
    People are attracted to symmetry. Simple as that. I don't think most Asians are trying to look white. It is more like trying to imitate models and actress in the media who happen to be white. And of course I am only talking about the cream of the crop.

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder here are some links to some white women. Who are naturally very fair with straight noses changing their appearance to look black.


    German woman getting tanning injections to look black


    You are right having fair skin has been a beauty standard in Asia for centuries. Right now I’m reading some stories from the 1800’s by the late Japanese author,”Ryunosuke Akutagawa. “ And he speaks about a woman who is ugly because she has dark skin. But how her features make up for it. The story is called,”In A Bamboo Grove.”

    In truth most women do various things to look a certain way for themselves and; I don’t think there is anything wrong, With people . Incorporating things from other cultures into their own. It shows an appreciation and acceptance. As the world becomes more global and mixed, this is a trend which will grow. Where I live we have white guys with locs and Afros, black people with blonde hair. Funnily enough the Asian people keep themselves to themselves and only follow Asian trends so. But I don’t see the issue with someone finding beauty in something from another culture.

  6. Artificial beauty…. That image of beauty is extremely important in places like Korea. Just look at those Kpop groups. They all look the same with their plastic surgery. There is no unique look. They go for the pale skin, straight nose, double eyelid and that perfect jawline. They look so fake and unnatural. 😑

  7. The beauty standards in China are wild. I know super down to earth females that are beautiful to me but by Chinese standards they are ugly and have never had a boyfriend. The "ugly" students look better than the "beautiful" students.

  8. When i saw the title of this i instantly thought about Korea, I met a friend of a friend in Seoul a year later i met her at a wedding in Hawaii she was NEW person with all that plastic surgery too fake. Talk about fake body parts.Have ever seen the movie I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) – Cherry Surprise Scene.

  9. That and Asian women going platinum blonde. I’ve had many of these women come on my channel and tell me it’s about being trendy. A lot of self hate going on out here.

  10. From skin whitening cream, to getting surgery on their eyes, to now this, Asians will do all these things, even if it's dangerous to their health- to hide their natural features. & they have the nerve to look down for Black people's skin color. It least for most of us we're not trying to change our natural features!

    & it's not just Asian women doing this either- remember Lil Kim? She want from being a sexy girl (Remember her photo on the "Hardcore" CD?) to looking like a total freak with all that whitening cream & plastic surgery she had. The theme for these ladies should be Alexander O'Neil's "Fake"!


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