Top 11 spring developments 2019! I’m displaying you 11 spring trend developments for 2019. There are so many nice wearable trend developments that I’m loving a lot! I’m going to interrupt down the highest 11 spring developments I like to recommend you try for this season.
Keep in thoughts, not every of the spring developments shall be for you, so choose and select which ones fit your private fashion greatest. xo

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  1. Biker shorts were also something we did in the 90s. We wore them under those long dresses with the buttons down the front, and cowboy boots. We also rode bikes in them under our dresses. They give you complete freedom of movement and action when wearing an unstructured, button-front dress. Was it just me?

  2. I loved what Christie said at the beginning of this video about honoring personal styles and that these are just trends to adapt or choose not to — it's about time fashion was presented to us as "suggestions" and not dictates and this is especially important for very young girls as they develop their personal style — Bravo, Christie!

  3. Going to continue winter hibernation through spring, perhaps wrapped in lovely pale yellow sweater, with the belt bags, bike shorts, fringe, puffed sleeves, and tie dye safely buried 10 feet under 😊 that said, it's always lovely to see and hear you, Christie! I do love the beige and earth tones and will definitely embrace that!

  4. Thanks for the heads up of just how insanely women will dress today to be trendy despite some beautiful materials; 2.28 and with boots too LOL.4.16 yellow and just falling off her neck indecent 4.24 this model looks like Groucho Marx in a blonde wig great colour and material but in a sloppy ill-fitting jacket from the op shop right?.4.31 green sloppily rucked and almost falling off the model.6.50 this is seriously a joke? Sorry, this is a sad reflection on today's fashion industry and
    designers/.not you.

  5. Biker shorts and Danny packs are ridiculous 🤣🤣not flattering at all. Why would you want to shorten your legs? Kim Kard are trying to ugly-fy people 😩😩

  6. Glad the biker shorts are back as I use them under my skirts to protect my thighs from rubbing in the summer and only found them in USA which I’ve got with a lace along the bottom! So ladies if you have thigh rub here you are!
    Fanny bags been wearing them for my holiday treks and my boys started wearing them last year so the trend hit UK last year.
    Crotchet again UK hit this back few years ago as we do vintage

  7. Biker shorts under mini-dresses, especially below-the-knee biker shorts (technically no longer biker shorts, but shown as such in the video) can work as a semi-professional look by bringing modesty to a short skirt. Aside from that, I don't think biker shorts can be elevated.

  8. Cool info, I can pick some of trends to add a fun with daily look. I wanna have some sense of fashion in my heart always….Thank you Christie. I subscribed your channel…😉


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