Top fashion trends To Avoid in 2019 – How To Style

If you need to keep forward of the curve and keep away from any expensive vogue errors then this video is for you. Of course these kinds of movies are at all times very polarising as a result of there isn’t any one measurement suits all in the case of vogue. But these are 10 of the tendencies that I feel are both tough to put on or just will not be sticking round lengthy sufficient to warrant the funding.

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  1. Interesting list of trends to avoid. I would not so much say avoid them but do not invest too much coin or closet space. Some of these so called trends have been around for years. The color yellow in clothing has been the signal that it spring and been around in winter wear since I could remember as a child in the 60s. The see thru mesh clothing became main stream in the 80s and never really left the forefront of fashion. Tie dye is forever, since the hippie days and I have skirts, tops and dresses that are over 20 years old that are pulled out for the summer and get complimented because you can't just find the quality of these pieces affordable in the stores. The idea of fashion is that you buy it because you like it and not because it a trend or in thing and you make it your own. Clear shoes, coats, and hand bags, OMG go way back. The shoes were call jellies and yes they made your feet sweat. The clear coats were just standard rain coats. Do anyone remember the dome clear umbrella?. I could use one of those these days. This video was informative and surely got people to thinking/talking. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you in 2019.

  2. a lot of what we are seeing on the runway in 2018/2019 I feel is intended for a younger more youthful look, however I think more mature women can definitely pull off any of these trends if they wear them with confidence! my favourite trend is definitely the tiny glasses, even though I know they're useless I love the way they frame my small face

  3. I love the muted dark yellow only for beautiful blouses. I feel it goes well with my olive skin tone. I wear it at least twice or three times a month which I feel is more than normal. I love it!

  4. I can’t wear yellow… I wish I could. I have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin, so when I wear it close to my face, I look sickly. I always see yellow pieces I’d love to wear and can’t Dx

  5. I have a few things in a yellow color (I like the rich, saffron kind) – an undershirt, a t-shirt and a pair of timeless trousers… Some accessories, like a little envelope bag. A splash of colour. You can say the same about red – red is always trendy if used right for you😊

  6. I love the yellow trend and invested in a few pieces this year. The other trends I completely agree they’re what Not to wear. A whole outfit of yellow may not be appropriate, but I think it brings some summer into the winter and can be worn through fall.

  7. I love the yellow colour on myself because I practically have golden skin so it really brightens up my face and gives me a glow I always gravitate towards yellow if I want some colour

  8. I think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people can wear some outfits that others might find too crazy and look amazing. My fashion idol is Iris Apfel . She is a 97 year old fashion Icon. She wears whatever she wants and looks amazing. I believe that you have to be confident and you can pull anything off. If you feel good in an outfit people can sense it and you almost glow.

  9. No pitch forks and torches please but I've never understood keeping up with trends, for someone like me (an outsider I guess) I don't see the point in pouring money into something that's going to be 'out of fashion' the next year. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything on this list and I didn't even know that people actually tried to apply runway looks to their every day fashion, a lot of it looks so absurd I'd just chalked it up to wearable modern art projects that was solely for amusement of artsy fashion people *shrug*. I'm more into late Victorian and Lolita (the j fashion) inspired clothing but that's just me. I fully support people who are into the things I'm not even if it's not for me. This was an entertaining video and I'd totally be open to explanations of why any of you are into modern trends and runway inspired clothes.

  10. as my job is a trendwatcher i have to correct and say that bike shorts are the new flared jeans the new skinny jeans etc etc, its not a trend no more but will be a common thing into your wardrobe , same as flared pants ,culottes and skinny jeans. remember those times where skinny jeans where not a thing and that it was really a daredevil move to wear them? well now it's completely normal to wear them and flared pants had there comeback but now it's not seen as a trend anymore but more just as a style. now a days everybody has a pair of these type of pants in there closet .

  11. I own a yellow coat for 2 decades now. Looks great with my reddish hair. I don’t wear it that often but when I do I get lots of compliments. Usually combine it with dark colors ( black pants, boots, top, for example )

  12. I would like to see someone take my bike shorts from me. I have been rocking those for the past 10 years and they are a staple for me in my summer wardrobe.

  13. Did you actually just call something that people have been making and wearing for YEARS a trend? Tie dye is not a trend in any sense of the word wth

  14. My favorite dress was canary yellow with white spots on it the spots were one inch wide and the dress was drop waisted below the knee sleeveless style that I wore to rags one summer… if I find woven fabric like that or in a blue or green tie dye pattern I will make dresses for summer wear from them… my style is classic bohemian in fabrics and cuts.

  15. Agree w everything, but yellow. I’m white and blonde, but always had good luck w shades of yellow, and I love it! The key is to ground it w navy, black, etc. The biggest surprise for me was how good chartreuse looks on me🤔😜 But the rest of your list I absolutely agree with!👍🏻☺️

  16. Overall, I agree with most of your list of trends to avoid. Regarding wearing yellow…I think that you need to be aware of your 'season' (which takes into account whether you have cool or warm undertones, hair and eye colouring and other considerations) when picking colours and shades/tones of colours. There are cooler tone yellows and warmer tone yellows so…not every yellow is for everyone…proceed with caution but go ahead and wear it if it is flattering on you.
    I will (continue) to wear include lingerie inspired pieces with something worn underneath.
    Thanks for the list.

  17. Haha I'm currently making my wedding dress out of wet suit fabric/neoprene. Granted though that is just plain ivory and not as thick as the fabric shown here. I just love the way it drapes – it's comfortable too!


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