Top Wearable fashion trends 2019 – How To Style

A brand new 12 months is the right time to present your closet a contemporary begin and that is why I needed to share among the most wearable style tendencies which you could anticipate to see popping up this 12 months.

This is not all the tendencies however these are my favourites and those I feel will certainly have the broadest style enchantment.

If I’ve missed any of your favorite new tendencies I’d love to listen to about them within the feedback beneath.

Thanks for watching.



How To Find Your Personal Style…

Huge Closet Clearcut…

Minimalism for newcomers…


Canon 70D

Canon G7x MarkII








  1. for someone who is sprucking "sustainable fashion" and in other sessions all to the fore about wardrobe clean outs what were those other things I just wasted my time watching? Cold shoulder, a Dad sneakers, bum bags ….what a mish mash ! essentially make your own choices and AVOID trends. Do we really need to be told this? The bleeding obvious really!

  2. okay some trends for womens are wearable but in most cases , trends are for the big massa that copy each other, because they don't have own taste/ style , and it looks really stupid if the City is full of women's that wears the same colors and clothes , only because its a trend, it's like a copy paste effect 🤣 and about the awful sneakers, makes you look like a Smurf ..🤣

  3. Great tips for the wrap dress. Do you have any tips on how to make the bustline a bit more modest without ruining the line? The t shirt shown in the video is too casual for my style. Thanks!

  4. It's really annoying when people claim that certain styles or colors are "flattering on everybody"… lots of people look awful in beige and describing terracotta as "flattering" is kind of pointless because what's flattering depends on the individuals person's skin tone…

  5. Having recently gone to Costa Rica on a VolunTour and worked with the turtle protection project, I would heartily suggest you re-think your recommending tortoise shell jewelry…Unless you are suggesting plastic tortoise shell – and I personally think we need less not more plastic – I suggest you and others boycott tortoiseshell use of any kind in an effort to protect these amazing creatures. Marni Hastings, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

  6. … new fave wardrobe collection :TERRACOTA, here I come ! I'd still go for lady sneakers, not daddy's………overall, great fashion tips ! 💕💕 from Indonesia……

  7. The best trend is to be comfortable in your own skin. Stick to what suits your body type and whatever you’re “comfortable” in. Otherwise, it s not you anymore and that’s not stylish by any means🙃

  8. Unless your still skinny and about 15 years of age, most women over 50 will not look great in any of these. Seriously, even women who have been slim all their lives, suffer a sea-change. And wait until you hit 70!

  9. Hi i just discovered yr channel n i luv it. I'm a Muslim from Malaysia n a headscarf is part of my attire. But we here are fashion savvy too u know 😉 I wd luv it if u can share the right colours to wear with our attire without having too many colours on us. Also the must have colours to mix n match with our attire. You see I try to minimise the no. of scarves in my cupboard. Thx 😀

  10. Runners not my look… a fashion that is too bulky…and ugly…. they are work shoes.
    No. 2…Wrap dress very flattering to my body… l'm one of the lucky ones… but, must use brooch etc… for covering cleavage, it tends to gape.


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