1. "Could you please not call me sir?"
    "Sorry ma'am, I apologize"
    "It's alright, don't worry".

    …That would have been the end of it.
    Why risk turning yourself into the biggest thing of ridicule on the internet?
    Why ruin the day of this poor guy just trying to do his job?

  2. Okay. So many negitive comments on this one video. One person's action doesn't correspond with a whole group.. And aggression can happen with any gender. I've had a female neighbor growing up one time that she was so aggressive that I didn't want to leave the house the year we lived there. So saying that aggression isn't a female trait is just putting a sexist twist to mental formation aggression is different in every person determined on their brain and or life. Anyone can be aggressive. And most people ignored the fact that at first it seemed she was talking about money. It seems to be she got a defective item and was wanting a refund. This started the whole bad mood. Then come up when the cashier said to upset the customer even more about the refund. Then came the slip up with gender. This video only captured what you wanted to see, not the whole story. To be correct before making assumptions you must see the whole story. What started it. Because I worked as a cashier. I've had people go off on me about something their child did in my line. Like opened a piece of candy and Started to eat it.. so by the rules of the store I put it on. You touch it you buy it. They went off on me and threatened me. Sorry ma'am next time keep an eye on your kids when around candy. Because if they eat store goods. You're paying for it. Or another good example that might match this. Not being able to give a refund with out the manager. I worked for a store who only had one manager. He went on lunch break. A customer came in demanding a refund for bad me. And the rules I had to follow "managers can only give refunds." I tried to say. "I can't give you a refund do to what my boss said, but ill.try and get the manager." He wouldn't come his exact words? "Tell them wait till after my break." So I told them what he said. That pissed them off. I also said. "The moment they brought this rule up I knew it was going to be an issue. Even more so sense one of the bosses refuses to promote people." I actually was meant to be promoted to be an assistant manager for my quick thinking and how I seem to always try and defuse the issues with little I'm given. But mom always had the say and she hated me because she didn't want a new person. Let alone a someone who "looked like me" as I've been told. (Black neighborhood. Those who grew up with the same light skin in a black neighborhood will understand. Racism still followed. Even had my life threatened because I was white. And all I was doing was being friendly and asking how their day was. If you had a bad day. I'm sorry. Like like I was doing anything bad But to try and make your day easier and less stressful by showing caring hospitality.) So I went back again and said they are refusing to wait and they where about to steal more meat from off the rack. By steal they where saying "trade them." And that's still not allowed. He got mad at me because of it. So yeah. People get a little aggressive of any gender when it comes to money. And before you say you dont. Think again. I have yet to get aggressive over hard earned money, but I'm sure at some point I will. Because in the world we live in that what makes us run.

  3. What’s the point in posting this as a Christian? There’s none… page views would come naturally. Don’t need to go and post such a filthy video like this… smh we gotta do better as a body. This is why we have unbelievers.


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