The ugly trend developments of 2018! These are model developments I hate on my curvy, mid measurement physique. As a measurement 12 alot of classy outfits do not work for my determine, and I’m being brutally sincere about what developments simply want to die in 2019! Are any of those Clothes gadgets or outfit developments belongings you would put on??

As we head into the brand new yr, let’s do some 2018 roast and check out a few of the dangerous developments in 2018 for model and trend! Here are the developments that want to die in 2019!

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  1. What are your thoughts on these trends?? Yes, no, ehh??? Let me know your opinions!!
    Also, I tried a new foundation yesterday when I filmed this video and clearly it is NOT WORKING FOR ME 😂🙈 lol I know it looks like 💩 but I’ll be back to normal in Wednesday’s new video. Happy new year!!

  2. These shapeless collar sweaters got "in fashion" in 2005 and got out of it in 2008. There was a reason for that. They got out of style BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FLATTERING! FOR ANYONE!

  3. Sierra girl I love you but this really felt like you were hating on styles you don’t like on yourself. Let people wear what they want if they think it makes them look good 🙂

  4. you are so right, these trends need to die, they shouldn't even have born in the 1st place but people do bizarre things in the name of fashion. and you are beautiful, be confident about it and just own it.

  5. Sierra interesting video I always find I learn something new from each one. You make a great point about clothes needing to be more functional. I feel that these trends that only last a few months are a huge waste of time and waste literally as they will all be thrown out at one point filling up the landfills and harming our environment. Timeless and functional over trendy and wasteful anyday.

  6. I need to say this: Shoulderpads… I am pretty sure I heard it explained in a "Ultimate Fashion History" Video.
    Fashion is a response…. Men went to war, Women went to work, and at first Women only had Clothes that looked basically like man clothes. So they later changed the shape of the clothes – Cause fashion allways changes! And as a response they added Shoulderpads.

  7. ok i am really offended. i love your videos even tho im a size 2 but nearly all these trends are my favorite trends. oversized hoddies, belts, bike shorts, and the glasses! i love them and everyone i know love these trends so the fact that you hate them really makes me feel bad.
    unsubscribed sorry honey

  8. just because you dont like these trends and it doesnt look good on your body, doesnt mean that they have to die like there are a lot of girls smaller than you and these clothes flatter our figure….
    no hate but dont attack these trends because you dont look good in them… just saying…

  9. Here are my though on each trends. (Note that these are just my opinions)
    The expensive dad shoes: I think they come from the trend of companies making "ungly" clothes to get people talking about their brand, which i have mixed feelings about. Why not get publicityby making really great product? But at the same time without those items Safiya Nygaard's series on ugly clothes wouldn't exist and I love that series of hers.
    Biker short: Those things give me serious nostalgia from my childhood. I wear them sometimes, but they're not my favourite style of shorts.
    Sweaters as dresses with knee high boots: I love that look!
    Clear plastic clothes: They look cool and futuristic but all that plastic is not good for the environment.
    Tiny sunglasses: *takes all the tiny sunglasses and throws them into a volcano*
    Jacket around arms: I think it looks cool but can be kinda impractical if you plan to move your arms in any way.
    Slice clothing: With denim I like it but with flannels it kinda looks weird unless you get very similar flannel fabrics
    The belt thing: Not my style but I like that its size inclusive.
    Fanny packs: OH HELL NOOOOOOOOOO!

  10. Definitely holographic thing needs to go I seen an adult woman in town the other day with a massive PURPLE HOLOGRAPHIC JACKET with GREEN LIGHT UP SHOES?!😬

  11. I see what you mean about the hate comments. Wow. Of course you're talking about your body — that's the point of your channel. Keep it up, girl.

  12. Could everyone just stop hating on her hate? 😂😂
    I mean, she said that if you don’t agree with her it’s ok, I don’t get why people are so stupid, ignorant and hateful. Everyone needs to chill, this is just entertainment.

  13. Those glasses are just accessories like earings or noserings. Is earing or nosering functional?no. Like so glasses so I think you should make better arguments or reasons if you don’t like something


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