Hey #TONIBBs! Gusto mo yon??? Thank you for watching immediately’s vidddd! Ahhhh it has been some time since I final did a vogue associated video. Namiss ko to. At grabe po, nakakangawit ifilm pero value it naman as a result of I liked how the video turned out. I’ve all the time wished to do vogue associated vids pero wala kong confidence. But this is to giving it a shot for u guys! Here are some outfits I got here up with and am planning to put on after the quarantine hehe. Perf additionally for the spring/summer season season! Cute colours and prints and so on!!! Hope you prefer it! Also, hyperlinks to a number of the objects under 🙂

Top: Aritzia
Jeans: https://bit.ly/3921phn
Shell Necklace: https://bit.ly/35ftcub
Shoes: Zara
Sheer Polo: Uniqlo

Zebra high: Forever 21 (purchased final yr)

Pink Contrast Stitch Top: https://bit.ly/3aLYYjJ
Sunnies: https://bit.ly/2YdVTGd
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1
nike dupe for php378: https://bit.ly/35dXrBD
Zebra Jacket: Missguided

Top: Shopee
Cardigan: thrifted

Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Prada Mini Hobo (Nude)
bag dupe: https://bit.ly/2WaLsAV

Tie dye high: Forever 21
related: https://bit.ly/2YdXhsp
Pants: Uniqlo

Skirt: purchased in Korea
related: https://bit.ly/2y5Im92
Black skirt: Aritzia

Dress: Forever 21
related: https://bit.ly/3aK6M5w
Bag: Prada Mini Hobo (Black)
bag dupe: https://bit.ly/2WaLsAV

Cardigan: Stradivarius
Pants: Uniqlo

Instagram: http://instagram.com/tonisiaa
Twitter: http://twitter.com/toneehee


CAMERA (physique): http://bit.ly/2J8K4J6
LENS: http://bit.ly/2P25hIq

If you are still studying this, a reminder that you simply’re doing nice and I really like you a lot.


  1. Are u wearing contacts ate toni and from where huhu or natural lang omg ang ganda kasi HAHAHAH the 9th and 10th outfit looked good on u tho!! ❤️ lahat naman actually 🤣

  2. Top 1 – Cong, Viy, Junnie (Realness)
    Top 2 – Anne Clutz (Family Oriented)
    Top 3 – Alex G (Funny vlogs)
    Top 4 – Ry, Toni Sia (Haul & Beauty)
    Top 5 – Jaiga (Kilig) Kyo (Editing skills)


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